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Want to Play Gusion in Mobile Legend Bang Bang? Read This First!

Mobile Legend players who have used Assassin-type fighters must have heard of the name Gusion. Renowned as one of the most difficult heroes to master, Gusion Mobile Legend often irritated because it is easy to run out of HP. In fact, if it is mastered well, Gusion can be a fairly reliable fighter.

Want to try playing Gusion? Get to know the characteristics and tips to maximize the following abilities.

Who is Gusion?

who is gumon

In Mobile Legend Bang Bang, Gusion is an Assassin-type fighter as well as a Mage. This is an improvement from the initial version which can only cause Physical Damage. As the holder of the Holy Blade title, Gusion is famous for his great sword and agility. His character tends to be fierce and active, and one of his hobbies is running around with animals in the wild, demonstrating his agility.

All of Gusion’s attacks have two phases, so players can use them to deal massive damage after leveling up their abilities. Gusion is one of the fighters who is suitable to be used as a team breaker at the beginning and middle of the fight.

Gusion’s Ultimate Skill

Gusion's ultimate skill

Gusion MLBB have four main types of expertise, namely as follows:

1. Dagger Specialist

Dagger Specialist is skills passive Gusion. Every time Gusion launched an attack using his dagger, he would get one runes attached to the gun. After getting three runesevery attack basic Gusion will deal extra damage of 15 percent. His HP recovery was also 80 percent faster.

2. Sword Spike

Sword Spike is skills level 1, where Gusion deals 200(+50%) pts of Magic Damage when throwing a knife at his first target. If the player makes him creep behind the target and use the knife again, Gusion will deal an additional 200(+100%) Magic Damage.

3. Shadowblade Slaughter

Want to see Gusion Mobile Legend launch an attack with high damage? Make sure you raise skills Gusion to the second level: Shadowblade Slaughter. This ability not only creates massive damage, but also slows down the opponent. When throwing a knife, Gusion will deal 110(+50%) Magic Damage plus slow enemy movement for two seconds.

4. Incandescence

here skills which really showed Gusion’s reputation as an agile Assassin. Being at Level 3, Incandescence allows Gusion to dash into the target of his attack, quickly restoring the power of Shadowblade Slaughter and Sword Spike. After this, Gusion can throw five daggers at once to deal more damage.

List of Build Items Gusion

list of build items gumon

Make Gusion more formidable and deadly by completing his newest Build Item list! Here are a few things you should have to complete your hero.

1. Magic Shoes

Magic shoes are basic items to increase speed. You can increase Gusion’s speed score up to +40 points, plus a reduction in Cooldown time of up to 10 percent.

2. Calamity Reaper

You can only buy Calamity Reaper if you already have Magic Shoes. This item adds +100 Mana points, +70 Magic Power points, +30 Mana Regen points, and +10% Cooldown time reduction. If you attack using a skill a second time, Gusion will deal damage points that are 120 percent greater than Magic Attack.

3. Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal is suitable for increasing Magic Power up to +100 points, while increasing Gusion’s passive power. Every time you level up, the impact of Gusion’s Magic Attack will also increase by more than 20 percent.

4. Divine Glaive

Increase Magic Power level with Divine Glaive. This item gives you 40 percent Magical Penetration beyond +65 Magic Power points. Its power will be more powerful if your HP Gusion level is above 70 percent.

Gusion’s Main Strengths and Weaknesses

Gusion's main advantages and disadvantages

Like all Mobile Legend Heroes, Gusion has advantages and disadvantages that you must know in order to make good use of it. Gusion is famous as a fast killer, especially if your opponent has a Mage or Marksman type Hero. Gusion also has a short cooldown time, and his attacks have a multiplier effect due to the Magic Damage element.

Weaknesses of Gusion Mobile Legend Of course, Armor and HP tend to be thin and quickly weaken. His skills may be lethal, but Gusion rarely stays in the team until the end of the game, unless you’re really good at it. Novice players also tend to get frustrated when using Gusion because you have to be good at implementing strategies so that Gusion’s skills are more effective.

Powerful Tips for Using Gusion

powerful tips for using gumon

So, how do you make your Gusion a tough fighter? Here are some tips to play it:

1. Farming a lot at the beginning

Because Gusion’s HP runs out quickly, make sure to do a lot of Farming while still early in the game. Take as many green Buffs as you can, but don’t let your teammates run out!

2. Learn Area Map Quickly

Gusion’s attacks deal Magic Damage, not Physical Damage, so you’ll have to frequently join team fights or return to lane. If your map mastery is not extensive, your movement will slow down and your Gusion will likely be killed.

3. Focus on Skill 2

Do not indulge too much Gusion at the beginning of the game. Wait until your Gusion gets Skill 2 (Shadowblade Slaughter) before starting to show off. This is because Shadowblade Slaughter can inflict enormous damage if you can launch it at close range.

4. Use Combination Attack

Once you’ve gathered Gusion’s full skill set, use it in combination attacks to make it effective. Usually, the deadliest combination is Skill 1-2-Ulti-2-1-2-Ulti or 2-Ulti-2-1-1-2. This strategy is especially for players whose fingers are already agile!

5. Attack Thin Blood Hero

When your Gusion finally levels up, take advantage of its newfound powers by aiming for thin-blooded enemy Heroes. Marksman and Mage can be easy targets for Gusion’s attacks. However, avoid aiming at Tanks, especially those with full blood.

Gusion Mobile Legend maybe not an easy hero to control, especially by beginners. However, if you know the trick, Gusion will be one of the deadliest heroes and suitable for ranking up.

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