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Want to Get the Strongest Hero in Mobile Legend? Here are the Tips!

tread season 16th, Mobile Legend is getting more and more indulgent player with hero which updates periodically. Usually, updates It includes many factors, such as skin new, customization heroas well as items. In addition, the character hero New ones are also presented once a month.

Of all the characters that appear, some Becomes hero strongest in Mobile Legend. Hero strongest needed to destroy base opponents quickly and accurately. Therefore, player level up faster rank in order to improve playing skills.

What are the Strongest ML Heroes Ready for Battle?

Hero sickest in Mobile Legend can be purchased with gold or tickets. Meanwhile to get skin heroplayers need diamonds. Besides that, player You can also enjoy the “Try Hero” feature if you don’t have many tickets or tickets yet diamonds.

Player need to try hero strongest in ML every week so you can learn role until skills-his. Therefore, player easy to find weakness when opponent use hero whatever. Then, hero which ones should you understand?

ling mobile legend

Ling is a new hero in Mobile Legend. Ling’s role as a Burst Damager, that is hero which can kill the opponent quickly. It uses skills 2nya and ultimate in destroying the enemy.

Cool, Ling also has skills change position by standing on the wall. Therefore, Ling is not easily caught by the opponent.

Claude Mobile Legends

Claude has role marksman with a monkey-shaped assistant—named Dexter. Just like Ling, Claude also has role as burst damage. One of skills the mainstay is art of thievery which gives damage up to 160.

Skills others, namely battle mirror image. With skills With this, Claude is able to cast a shadow for 5.5 seconds to the desired location. The shadow also attacks the nearest enemy using 100% of the total attack physical attack.

franco mobile legend

Franco is hero the strongest mobile legend which can kidnap opponents from a distance. Skills Franco often makes the enemy confused. In addition, Franco was able to survive for a long time in the lane with skills passive.

mobile legends

Phrases include hero with role Mage. He has the ability attack without influence armor. Pharsa also became hero turn off with ultimate skills a meteor shower.

Amazingly, Pharsa has four skills, while other heroes only have three. Pharsa can turn into a bird in skills fourth so that his opponent is afraid.

mobile legends atlas

Atlas is hero The strongest Mobile Legend with role Tank. Hero this has just appeared in the 16th season which is equipped with crowd control. Function crowd control it is to do war team during the match. In addition, Atlas can move quickly.

Tips for Getting Hero Mobile Legends Strongest

tips to get the strongest mobile legend hero

Got hero strongest is not easy for player whose flight hours are still low. Moreover, the provision of tactics and a solid team in Mobile Legend has not been tested like Pro Player. That’s why, player beginners find it difficult to collect tickets and gold as capital to buy heroes.

Nevertheless, player beginners can follow these tips to get hero strongest.

1. Understand the Role Hero Most Sick in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legend has six role (roles) heroes, namely Assassin, Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Before playing, make sure you recognize role hero in detail. The aim is that player can win the game by taking advantage of the advantages hero.

For example, you have hero A thin-blooded mage. Meaning, in play, player must attack the opponent carefully. Hero This must take cover behind the Tanker or Fighter. Therefore, hero can survive longer to collect gold.

2. Do it Unlock Spell by Leveling Up

Level ups can be pursued by playing the account frequently. As the level increases, the account can get spell more.

If you have a lot spelllack hero can be covered. For example, you have hero without skills escape. With spell Flicker, hero still able to avoid the enemy.

3. Create Gear Best

To create gear best, you should see references from top player. Usuallytop player provide tutorials that are live on YouTube. In addition, customize gear by experimenting on games previously.

After getting gear best, get gold rapidly. Collect gold until the amount is enough to increase the power hero. Therefore, hero your favorite can win the game.

4. Buy Skins to Increase Strength

Skins add strength hero by assigning attributes. Player can buy common skins from 269 to 299 diamonds. The highest, the price of the skin is around 1089 diamonds or the equivalent of Rp. 300 thousand.

5. Use Micro and Macro Skills

Microskills includes mastery skills heroes; starting from skills up to position lane. Temporary macro skills includes understanding player to folder in Mobile Legends. Player with macro skills can make detailed observations on folderbeware of gankand have strong instincts.

6. Pay attention Build Items

Lots player which only uses one items Mobile Legends. Whereas, counter build items need to be done to increase strength. So, hero can defeat the enemy easily.

As a reference, here are six Mobile Legend items that can be selected accordingly role hero.

This item has 16 options, including Sea Halberd, Rose Gold Meteor, Hunter Strike, and Blade of Despair.

Magic items relate to magical (non-physical) attacks. Players can choose level 1, 2, or 3 of the 15 options available. Each choice items Magic gives power, spelland movement different.

Item Defense gives defensive abilities to hero. For example, physical protection, magic, and HP regeneration. One of items The defense that players rely on is Twilight Armor. Items this is able to finish off HP hero opponent quickly.

Item Movement is used to increase movement speed. For example, Rapid Boots, gives +90 movement speed. However, player affected damage or attack, speedits reduced by 45 points for 5 seconds.

Jungle items provide three main advantages. First, damage and experience increases after killing jungle monsters. Second, get HP if you can eliminate monsters.

Roaming items have three choices, namely Courage Mask, Shadow Mask, and Awe Mask. Special Shadow Mask, can be used for active skillsi.e. make hero You are invisible. Besides that, hero also difficult to target by the opponent.

This is a brief explanation of hero strongest in Mobile Legend and tips to get it. Interested in trying?

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