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Want to be good at playing Lords Mobile? Check out the following tips and tricks!

Developed and published by IGG (I Got Game), Lords Mobile which was first launched in 2022 now has more than 200 million players from various parts of the world. In the year it was released, the game won Best Competitive Games in the Google Play Awards. No wonder if Lords Mobile guide also more and more sought after.

According to App Annie, this game has become one of the most profitable applications on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). How Tips for playing Lords Mobile? You can find out how in the following review!

Know More about Lords Mobile

lords mobile guide

Lords Mobile is a game that combines role playing, strategy real-time, and world development mechanisms. There are several modes that you can play in it, and the most popular is PVP combat.

Players create their own base and build troops to attack enemy bases, destroy them, and seize resources owned by the enemy. Usually players can only attack from their own kingdom. However, in KvK (war between kingdoms) mode, all servers are opened for attack (except new servers).

You can attack monsters and bosses from other kingdoms/worlds (Darknest) that are visible on the map of the kingdom to seize the resources they have. Besides doing

normal attack, players can also take part in the contest. The goal is to get bonuses for the players themselves or their guilds.

Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks to Play It

lords mobile tips

Already Download Lords Mobile? The next thing you should know is of course the tricks and tips for playing it. Do not let you plunge into the battlefield without provisions. In addition to understanding the concept of the game, there are important things that you should also know. Anything?

Making the First Building

In tutorial mode, players will be asked to make buildings before being given the freedom to build. You can choose any type including lumber mill, mine, and quarry. To complete the mission, you must make four buildings each.

In order to earn 200,000 per resources and 50,000 might, create 10 buildings each of the above types. By using this capital, you can create the main building on the new land.

Find Guild the good one

This is a very important thing to win the game, moreover guild can be played for free. Guild active ones not only help you in killing monsters but also increase speed and acquire items.

Choose the Right Hero

Like many other games, Lords Mobile also provides a wide selection of heroes to support your game. For maximum results, make sure you understand skill tree the hero you will choose. For example, you have 10 points that can be used for 1 skills which can increase the status of the hero. This is better than using them separately.

In addition, there are several considerations that must be considered when choosing a hero. First, pay attention skills the hero has because it can help you in battle. Some examples skills what heroes in Lords Mobile have is attack, stuns, heal (healing), and so on.

Lords Mobile hero list that you can consider include Rose Knight, Black Crow (Chadra), and Prima Donna. You can also use Trickster or Death Knight (Shane). Each one has skills each one you should know and maximize.

Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Lords Mobile

tips for playing lords mobile

Just like other games, many Lords Mobile players also often do things that are not right in the game. These mistakes will generally cause losses that make it difficult for you to win the battle.

Wrong Use Gear

This is one of the most common mistakes. Please note that if you want to activate the gear you have, you must first use it. Another error in usage gear is to let gear in used condition when you are not using it.

Using Only One Hero

This mistake is often made by new players. Most of these novice players only focus on using one hero. Even though if pick the hero has been used by another player, you can’t play it anymore. Finally, you are forced to choose another hero who skillsyou don’t control it.

Avoid depending on only one hero. Learn abilities and how to play other heroes with Practice Mode. This will really help you in battle.

Just Focus on Kill Just

In Lords Mobile, there are many aspects that you should pay attention to. Instead of just focusing on kill of course, try to pay attention to other things too. If you only aim kill Of course, you will ignore the turret which is the main task to destroy.

The more enemy turrets you destroy, the more likely you are to knock down the main turret or base. If you just do kill Of course, you will not realize that there are enemies who are still penetrating your fortifications.

Often AFK

Away from Keyboard or AFK is an action when you do not accept the game and choose to exit. Although you can do this, if you do it too often you will lose a lot of Score Credit. If your Credit Score is not enough, you will not be able to join the Rank Mode game. Make sure the value is not less than 100.

keep going war

Many new players are still forcing to war even though they have lost damage. Not only that, attacking in groups or in groups should also be avoided. Why? When you and your entire team leave the turret, this will be a golden opportunity for your opponent to step in and destroy the turret because there’s nothing to prevent it.

Those are some tips and mistakes that you should avoid when playing Lords Mobile. To make it more fun and easier to play, don’t forget top up your diamonds are only on UniPin.

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