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Village Won't Release on PS4 and Xbox One

Resident Evil 8 Village

On June 12, many developers revealed their latest games, among all these games there was 1 game that took a lot of gamers, this game is Resident Evil 8 Village.

Although it is not official, there are leaks about this game which will be released in 2022. Many have speculated that it will launch in early January, because of the series from the previous game. Resident Evil 7 launched exactly on January 24, 2022.

However, it should be recalled that Resident Evil 8 Village will not be present for current generation consoles. Dusk Golem, an insider notorious for leaking upcoming games accurately revealed about this game before the announcement took place.

It is rumored that this horror game will be available as an exclusive on the PlayStation 5, but there is a high possibility that this game will come to the Xbox Series X and PC.

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