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Vexana Mobile Legend, Magician with Deadly Skills

Hero Mage is identical to burst damage big and combination skills qualified. The same applies to the figure Vexana Mobile Legends, the sorcerer with a long and dark story in the past.

Curious about what Vexana is doing? Come on, first read the full review before starting Vexana Mobile Legends adventure.

Vexana Mobile Legend Long Story

vexana mobile legends wallpaper

Behind Vexana’s sinister appearance, few people know that she was actually a queen of the Necrokeep Palace. The evil intent of the Abyss nation to destroy Land of Dawn became a reality after successfully deceiving the Necrokeep King and Queen in a sly way.

Peaceful life in the palace is disturbed when the king is tempted by the presence of a beautiful and mysterious woman named Alice. Apparently, he was the messenger of The Dark Lord of the Abyss. He secretly “attacked” the king from within until the king was no longer able to rule the people and forgot Vexana, the queen.

Vexana was burning with jealousy. However, he takes an action that puts him in danger. He made a deal with the Dark Lord in order to change himself to look attractive again in the eyes of the king.

Instead of succeeding, the deadly deal destroys Vexana. His face turned wrinkled and scary because he was considered unable to comply with the agreement requested by the Dark Lord. The Necrokeep Kingdom was destroyed and left a story without leaving any traces.

Meanwhile, Vexana lives life as a monster. He has the power of magic that is able to raise people who have died to life again. In the next story, Vexana engages in battle with Tigreal of the Moniya Empire, supported by Leomord, Thamuz, Alice, and Selena.

Skills Vexana that makes you shudder

vexana mobile legends skills

Long story Vexana Mobile Legend earlier gave you an idea of ​​what the queen really looks like. No wonder if skills Vexana’s set looks both deadly and terrifying at the same time. Let’s explore together.

Skills passive, Necormancy Spell

Vexana Mobile Legends will launch an attack and give status Occult Spell on the target enemy. When the target dies in time Occult active, it will explode and produce damage on nearby enemies.

Skills 1, Charmed Specter

Skills 1 Vexana is characterized by the appearance of a shadow in the form of a hand towards the front. As soon as the hand hits the enemy, then magic damage will occur and the hand then rotates in the other direction in a few seconds duration.

Skills 2, Nether Snare

The power from the outside world will be summoned by Vexana and have an immediate impact damage at a pre-targeted point. Compared skills other, Nether Snare this creates burst damage the strongest version of Vexana.

Ultimate skill, Cursed Oath

Vexana-style enemy curse lasts for 8 seconds. Automatically the affected enemy will experience initial damage as well as continuous damage. Well, if the enemy dies, Vexana will bring home the corpse doll and take over 70% of the enemy’s attributes. Sounds scary huh?

Build The Best Vexana Mobile Legends Items

vexana mobile legends build

Vexana Mobile Legends build will support effectiveness skills which he launched when team fight. This is the row build items Vexana Mobile Legend as your reference. Please set it flexibly so you can adjust it according to your playing style.

Arcane Boots

Hero Mage must pocket this movement item. Not only extra speed, Vexana can gain magical penetration when you have items Arcane Boots.

Enchanted Talisman

You can work around the thin HP that Vexana lacks with items Enchanted Talisman. The reason is, this item will increase the amount of HP, magic power, and reduce the duration cooldown.

Glowing Wand

Magic Power and Magic Penetration Vexana’s property can increase if you have this item. Besides benefiting Vexana, Glowing Wand can also have an impact damage great against the enemy.

Holy Crystal

You could say this is one of the mandatory items for Mage heroes. Armed with Holy Crystals, Vexana can make magic power hers increases.

Concentrated Energy

Look for items that can make Vexana damage in bulk? Concentrated Energy so the answer. With additional HP and magic power, You also get 10% HP regen when you kill the opponent’s hero.

Blood Wings

The owner of the Mage hero will agree that this is the ultimate must-have item. Blood Wings will make sure the hero creates Magic Power and a large amount of HP. In fact, you can also increase your HP by an equivalent amount in total Magic Power which has been owned.

Tips to Maximize the Strength of Vexana

vexana mobile legends skin

Vexana Mobile Legend fame as a hero with burst damage large area. Armed with skills his passive, he is also able to clean lane quickly. This skill is definitely good to make sure Vexana plays a role when pushing as well as maintain towers.

So, so that you can maximize Vexana’s power, do the following tips.

Never go forward alone

For information, Vexana is a hero who is dependent on the team. If you don’t have backup or support from other heroes, the risk of being trapped by the enemy to death is ridiculous, you must be ready to bear it.

So, being at the back of the team was the wisest step that Vexana had to take. You must make sure Vexana is always protected by a teammate’s hero before being able to release an attack.

Learn combinations skills Vexana

Pay attention to the situation and the right time to let go skills owned by Vexana. Try to analyze the situation before you combine skills 1, 2, or 3. Make sure you are smart enough to take advantage of crowd control skills 1 so that skills 2 can target or hit the opponent with precision.

Know when is the right time to let go ultimate

Vexana has two perfect situations to release ultimate skill hers. First, when the enemy is almost dead alias dying (secure killing). Second, when you’re doing team fight and face the enemy who has lifesteal and effects heal tall. The goal, to prevent the opponent’s hero from getting lifesteal earlier.

That’s a review about Vexana Mobile Legends, The Magic Queen who has tremendous and terrible power. Study carefully skills, build items, and tips above so you can win the battle. Good luck!

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