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Valve Plans to Launch Special Steam in China

We all know that China is one of the countries with quite strict censorship in the internet entertainment sector. The impact of the censorship even got Google and Facebook banned from China. Steam itself is believed by many to be one of the accesses to the outside world through games.

However, the policy that will be enacted recently is likely to be detrimental to many parties, including developers. Yes, Valve is planning to launch Steam specifically for the China region. The problem is that games that want to enter that “special” Steam must follow local laws. It is believed this policy will result in fewer games being available due to not qualifying.

Indie game developers from China themselves are worried that their games will be increasingly difficult to market if this policy comes into effect. They still hope that the global version of Steam remains accessible.

Valve itself has emphasized that this policy is intended to further the welfare of Chinese developers. However, game developers still feel unsure, especially because until now there is no clarity whether International Steam can still be accessed or not if later this Chinese regional Steam has actually been launched.

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