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Update 19 on Forza Horizon 4 brings back the Lexus LFA and 4 more new cars!

After successfully bringing back Toyota in updates 17 and 18 on Forza Horizon 4 like its 2 iconic cars, namely the Toyota Supra and Toyota Corolla AE86, now in the update 19 Forza Horizon 4 teams from turn ten studio dan Playground Games managed to bring the iconic car from Lexus that is LEXUS LFA.

Successfully Brings Back Lexus LFA


Lexus actually already existed in the previous Forza Horizon series, but when the Forza Horizon 4 Game was released Toyota and Lexus were not there yet. Well, at the time of the 17th and 18th update, Forza managed to bring back these iconic cars.

in this 19 update, Forza brings back the iconic car from Lexus, the Lexus LFA which is famous for its engine sound. Apart from Lexus, there are also 4 other new cars announced through the YouTube channel Forza some of them:

1. Buggati Chiron Speed ​​Champion Lego


The Buggati chiron speed champion lego is the Buggati Chiron but the body has been redesigned into a Lego shape. But who would have thought, the speed is almost the same as the original Chiron as shown on Live, it’s just that the shape becomes Lego. Unique isn’t it?

2. Rover SD1 VITESSE

Rover SD1 (Specialist Division 1) And also called Standard 2000 is a classic car produced by this Rover Manufacturer which is very interesting. Because in addition to the classic interior and exotic impression, this car is very suitable for use on British roads on the Forza Horizon 4.

3. Aston Martin Vulcan AMR


The Aston Martin Vulcan AMR is a version of the same car as the regular Aston Martin Vulcan. However, there are several parts that have been changed, such as in terms of aerodynamics and in terms of handling. And the changes are also very striking on the rear wing.

4. Ford Super Van 3


On this last point, comes From Ford. If we look at the Ford which has been modified in such a way, it is very interesting. In the back there is a V6 engine and this car has an attractive livery that makes the van cool to look at.


Well, those were some updated cars from Forza Horizon in this 19th update. Interesting isn’t the newest cars?

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