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Ubisoft Releases Cyberpunk-style Battle Royale Game

Previously, through Twitter, information was leaked that Ubisoft would be releasing a fps-shooter game. After that, they finally officially announced that they were developing a game with the title Hyper Scape. This game is a battle royale genre with a unique Cyberpunk-style concept.

Here’s the trailer for the game:

The concept of battle royale in a large area and some buildings and trees was abandoned in this game, instead, the battle arena is in the middle of a modern city called Neo Arcadia with many skyscrapers there.

The war that will occur will also be quite challenging because there are no weapon mods in this game, and only two weapon slots are available. With this style later all players will fight with a more balanced character resistance.

This game will later be released on PC and PS4. Currently you can register as a tester in this game through the official Hyper Space website.

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