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Tricks to win matches using Terizla Mobile Legend

When it was first released, Terizla attracted a lot of attention for being a hero fighter deadly. Although the attacks tend to be slow, burst damage yield is quite high. This article will discuss the tutorial for playing using Terizla Mobile Legend. Here’s the full review.

1. Find out the Weaknesses and Strengths

terizla mobile legends skin

First of all, you need to know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Terizla Mobile Legend.


  • Although a fighter, Terizla has a good defense. Durability This height is due to the presence of skills passive Body of Smith which can convert 2% of lost HP to 2% damage reduction and can bestack up to 40%.
  • Terizla is tough enough to face opponents because almost all of them skills its active is able to give a sluggish effect that will make it difficult for opponents to escape.
  • Blessing skills 2, Terizla is able to provide burst damage tall one. Not only that, skills it can be used 3 times. This is what makes him suitable for clearing minions.


  • Because it doesn’t have skills blink, jumpor dashTerizla is vulnerable to enemies who use skills crowd control like Serena.
  • Attack speed The slow pace makes all of Terizla’s attacks easy for the opponent to guess.
  • Movement speed Terizla is slow and only depends on skills
  • Not suitable to do roaming from one lane to lane

2. Understand Skills Terizla Set

mobile legend terizla

The next trick is to learn to control skills Terizla Mobile Legend 2022. There are four in total skills Terizla has, namely Body of Smith, Revenge Strike, Execution Strike, and Penalty Zone.

Skills Passive: Body of Smith

Skills this gives Terizla the ability to convert every 2.5% HP lost to 1% damage reduction maximum 35%. Remember attack speedit cannot be increased, instead every 1 attack speed will be converted to 1 physical attack.

Skills 1: Revenge Strike

Skills this allows Terizla to crush the ground using his hammer. Overall, skills 1 gives 300(+80% extra physical attack) physical damage. Once the crack hits the target, the person will feel a 30% sluggish effect.

For Terizla, skills 1 also made movement speedincreases by 25% for 3 seconds. If an explosion occurs, skills it will deal damage equal to 300(+80% extra physical attack)+(20% of the opponent’s HP lost).

Skills 2: Execution Strike

Makes Terizla able to release his energy three times in a row. The first two swings bring 180(+150% total physical attack) physical damagewhile the rest yield 225(+300% total physical attack) physical damage along with a 15% sluggish effect that lasts 1.5 seconds.

Skills Ultimate: Penalty Zone

By jumping in the desired direction, Terizla will give 300(+100% total physical attack) physical damage complete with a slow effect of 20%. It doesn’t stop there, when Terizla summons Scaffold, he can attract targets for several times and give 150(+30% total physical attack) physical damage per hit.

If you want to do a combo skillsyou can activate skills 3 > skills 2 (2 times) > skills 1 or use a combination skills 1 > skills 3 > skills 2 (3 times).

3. Master the Battle Spell and Emblem Set Terizla

terizla mobile legend item

Speaking of emblems, Terizla can use custom assassin emblem or custom fighter emblems. While for spell, you can choose between Flicker or Sprint. Both of them can make Terizla run away easily and chase enemies quickly.

4. Choose the Best Items

terizla mobile legends build

The next step is to choose Terizla Mobile Legends best build. Between build the items provided by Mobile Legends, here are a number of items that are suitable for improving Terizla’s performance.

Hunter Strike

To get extra movement speed and cooldown reduction, Terizla can use Hunter Strike. This item is able to give 10% cooldown reduction and 30% movement speed after striking the opponent up to five times.

Bloodlust Ax

Through his passive ability, Bloodlust Ax will give spell Useful vamps for necessities team fight and laning. There is an additional 10% cooldown reduction.

Athena’s Shield

When dealing with heroes magicTerizla needs magical defense and high HP to strengthen the defense. You can get both from Athena’s Shield. In addition, this item will provide shield which is useful for protecting yourself from combo kill opponent heroes.

Antique Cuirass

With Antique Cuirass, Terizla can appear defensive because this item gives you physical defense and a large HP. At the same time, Antiquee Cuirass will reduce physical and magical attack up to 18%.


Through this item, Terizla will receive additional physical defense and make heroes who have died can rise again.

Endless Battle

Blessing cooldown reduction given Endless Battle, Terizla can spam skills. In addition, Terizla will get additional movement speed, lifestealand make basic attack Terizla is able to produce true damage.

5. Play with Hero Carry

terizla mobile legend skills

Entering phase late game, Terizla Mobile Legend will be more difficult to kill opponents instantly. To launch the action, Terizla must be assisted by heroes carry, like Granger, Claude, or Karrie. Here are the advantages of each of these heroes.


Granger is known to have good fighting skills. Reach skillswas also known to be far away which made Granger difficult tolock and make it easy to find a safe position for farming and war.


Claude is one of the heroes marksman favorite of the players because it has good mobility, able to produce damage deadly, can fight with many heroes at once, and is able to do farming rapidly.


Hero Karrie has a number of advantages, including having burst damage tall, have attack speed high, one counter the best tank hero, suitable for beginners because it is easy to use, and easy to do farming.

Are you ready to practice the methods above? Come on, invite your friends to compete! Hopefully Terizla Mobile Legend can lead you to victory, yes.

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