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Top Banned Hero Mobile Legends for April 2022 Games

Since patches recently officially launched by Moonton simultaneously, Mobile Legends has many new metas that are often used by players.

Some heroes are given buff by Moonton’s side, to make a power map of heroes in MLBB. It will be very different compared to Season or previous patches.

In this patch update, the hero with role tanks become a hero who will always be a priority pick and quite difficult to fight.

However, meta-tank this doesn’t seem to be too scary a scourge for the players, considering the percentage top banned hero officially issued by MLBB Indonesia.

Which heroes were the top banned heroes among MLBB players in April? Here are some heroes that have been released by Moonton.

List of Top Banned Heroes for April 2022

Some time ago, MLBB’s official Instagram uploaded a photo showing the list of top banned heroes for the 23rd season in April.

Looking at the list of available heroes, we don’t see any tank heroes who are predicted to become Meta-heroes this season.

Instead, we see several Assassin heroes, such as Lancelot, Fany, Karina and Aamon who are heroes who are always banned by the public.

In addition, we also saw some mage heroes who were quite difficult, with high damage and movement, such as Valentina, Selena and Cecilion who were also included in the top banned hero list.

The following is a list of the top banned heroes, quoted from the MLBB Instagram account!

  1. Valentine
  2. Nathan
  3. Aamon
  4. Edith
  5. Estes
  6. Lancelot
  7. Fany
  8. Selena
  9. Paquito
  10. Yin
  11. Karina
  12. Aulus
  13. Cecilion

That’s some top banned hero for season 23 which was officially released by MLBB. is there hero your favorite on the list?

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