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To the Top Airing July 2022

Haikyuu To The Top or haikyuu Season 4 has just finished with a total of 13 episodes. The series ended with the start of the match Karasuno vs Inarizaki.

A little disappointing indeed. Many think this anime will immediately get 24 episodes, or at least until Karasuno’s match against Nekoma ends. But in reality we have to be patient longer to see the continuation of Haikyuu!! To the Top.

But you don’t need to be too disappointed because the second season or second cour of To the Top has been confirmed. Haikyuu!! To the Top 2nd Season will air in July 2022.

Well, at least we have got certainty when this anime will be continued. And of course we will faithfully wait for the action of the Karasuno team to prove themselves as the best team.

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