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To Make It More Exciting, Here's How to Play Call of Duty Mobile Using an Emulator on PC!

Released on October 1, 2022, Call of Duty Mobile immediately attracted the attention of fans gamers, especially those who have played the previous version. With earnings of $327 million and over 250 million downloads, the game was originally released for Android and iOS only. However, there’s no need to worry because now you can play it on PC via Call of Duty Emulator.

The emulator itself is a favorite device that is widely used by gamers to play the mobile version of the game on PC. COD Garena Gameloop is one of the pioneer emulators released by Tencent that allows users to play Call of Duty from PC.

Advantages of Playing Call of Duty Using an Emulator

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For those of you who are used to playing using mobile devices, winning the battle might be an easy thing. However, as the game becomes more competitive, the Call of Duty Emulator is ALSO getting more and more popular. There are several advantages that you can feel if you play COD using an emulator:

  1. Wider screen display. Besides being able to see the arena better, Gameloop COD mobile as the official emulator Call of Duty provides a variety of additional features—including customization if there are settings that don’t match your playing style.
  2. Control the game more accurately. Rather than control via the mobile phone’s touch screen, the use of mouse and keyboard much more precise so you can more easily win the fight.
  3. The sensation of playing the same as the mobile version. Wide selection of emulators including COD mobile Gameloop lets you set shortcuts or shortcuts to control the game so that the sensation is not much different than playing directly on the phone.

For the Gameloop emulator, Tencent has enforced rules so that players using the emulator can only meet with other emulator users. However, there is no need to worry because the process matchmaking takes place quickly, which is between 30 to 60 seconds.

How to Play Call of Duty Using an Emulator

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Actually, you can find a wide selection of emulators to play Call of Duty mobile on PC. However, as previously mentioned, Gameloop is the most recommended emulator. Previously called Tencent Gaming Buddy, this emulator is the official emulator launched by Tencent for all the games it produces as well as its subsidiaries.

The steps you can take to use COD mobile Gameloop as an emulator are:

  • Download the Gameloop Android emulator on the official site
  • Perform the installation via the downloaded file
  • Click on the “Game Center” tab
  • Click the Call of Duty Mobile banner or image under the words “Recommended”. You can also find Call of Duty Mobile by using the search option at the top right.
  • Press download and do the installation afterwards
  • Open the Call of Duty Mobile application in the emulator and enjoy playing. You can directly click “My Games” from the list on the left and then click to play.

The controls for the game are set in the emulator automatically. If you want to change settings defaultnya, you can use the option mapping which is on the right side of the application window.

In general, playing COD using the Gameloop emulator and other emulators is not much different. You can choose the emulator that you think is most comfortable.

Tips for Playing Call of Duty Using an Emulator

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Playing games using an emulator does provide a different sensation from playing via mobile. So that you can have more fun playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC, consider the following tips!

  • Make sure your internet network is stable. Important key when playing online game is to have a capable internet network, including when you want to play COD via a computer.
  • Check all computer devices that you use. Control when playing games via emulator is completely affected by mouse and keyboard that you use. Make sure they both work properly to avoid unwanted things during the game.

Some of the common problems experienced when playing games using a PC are emulators that error (failed to start the emulator) until lag. How to handle it?

1. Overcome the emulator that error

One of the problems that users often face COD mobile Gameloop is emulator operation failure. This can happen when the application is background emulator named aow_exe.exe is still open. To fix this, you can use an application called Process Hacker. After downloading it, do the installation then open the application.

To stop aow_exe.exe which is still open, you can type it directly through the search field. After that, right click and then click “Terminate”. If that fails, click “Continue” to force the program to close.

2. Overcome the game that lag

So that your game is free lagthe first thing to pay attention to is size memory on your computer. If the size is less, the game will usually look broken or slim. If your RAM is small, add virtual memory could be an easy way to help RAM performance.

In the settings menu or settings, there are two options settings, namely Basic Settings and Engine Settings. Engine Settings play a very important role in supporting the performance of the PC you are using. If you set it too high, it can trigger lag. However, if it is too low, it will look rough and unpleasant on the eyes.

To make sure the settings match your PC’s capabilities, experiment first. There are several options contained in the Engine Settings, namely: rendering engineoption rendering, anti-aliasing, memory and processors, as well as resolution and DPI.

Especially for settings keymappinggenerally included in the settings default it’s good enough. However, to make the Call of Duty Emulator game more exciting, you can make various adjustments based on your style. Good luck!

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