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Tips for Using M249, a sadistic weapon in PUBG that has big damage

The presence of the M249 weapon in PUBG Mobile opens up many winning opportunities for gamers. Because, light machine gun (LMG) is able to kill enemies quickly. Because of that, player which uses gun often won Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Sadly, M249 senjata weapon less attractive to players games mobile beginner. That’s because recoil The rifle is quite large. Whereas, gun LMG type does not have attachments the right one to solve the problem recoil.

Then, why some gamers still recommend M249? How to use the weapon for maximum results? Here is the full review.

Getting to know M249

weapon m249

In fact, the M249 is also used in the real world by the armed forces in the United States. The rifle was made by FN Herstal, a Belgian manufacturer. However, thanks to its popularity, the manufacture of rifles was carried out in the United States as a local branch.

5.56 mm caliber bullets are embedded in weapons with a capacity of (magazines) 100 bullets. Magazines generally in the form of a belt that can be replaced with a box when ammunition runs out.

One of the causes of ammunition running out quickly, namely players giving consecutive shots at the opponent. Starting from here too, PUBG Mobile M249 weapon earned the nickname “The King of Breded”.

Not only equipped with bullets, this deadly pubg weapon also has a barrel replacement feature. Players can change the barrel if it gets stuck or gets too hot.

PUBG Mobile weapons are also widely used by war soldiers in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. In fact, countries in Asia have also tested their ability to shoot consecutive shots.

So, how is the development of M249 in PUBG Mobile?

On season 10, the M249 gun gets a new look that makes it even more terrifying. If you want to use it in Classic mode, players must hunt down Air Supply. It can also be done by firing a Flare Gun.

Flare Gun itself is a weapon that shoots light or sound. Anyone could hear the sound of the Flare Gun. Therefore, players must be careful in using these weapons so as not to invite enemies.

A few seconds after the Flare Gun is fired, an airplane usually appears. From the plane, an Airdrop box with weapons appears. The plane will drop the box randomly.

Advantages of M249

weapon m249 ff

Discussing the advantages, the M249 weapon is superior from the side damage. This rifle belongs to the average category damage AR with a value of 45 points. Of course, damage The big one is able to speed up the enemy’s return to the lobby.

Apart from the damage effect, fire rate The M249 is considered the fastest compared to all types of weapons. fire rate that’s what affects the speed of firing bullets at the opponent.

Speed fire rate also supported by the relatively high mobility of the M249. Generally, LMG type weapons are quite heavy. However, the M249 is easy to move and carry with quick motion.

Another plus, this weapon is capable of shooting long distances like a -type rifle sniper. You also don’t need to hesitate to take out bullets to kill some opponents because magazinesis relatively large.

Well, to find weapons, player can loot at Sosnovka Military Base. This location is to the south of the Erangel map. Players will find several warehouses and weapons storage buildings when loot there. However, be careful; many enemies roam the Sosnovka Military Base.

In order to get Airdrop weapons faster, listen player must be sensitive. Usually, the Airdrop box is unloaded from the plane. Listen to the sound of the airplane and pay attention to its direction. Within 10-15 minutes, the Airdrop box is unloaded from the plane to your location.

During this time, make sure you get a vehicle or a car. Use the car to approach the Airdrop box. Therefore, player can avoid enemies as well as reach the box faster.

Tips for Using Weapons

weapon m249 in ff

The M249 weapon is one of the deadliest LMGs in PUBG Mobile which is not equipped with attachments. Therefore, players must have a strategy to use these weapons.

For reference, here are five easy-to-implement tips for using the M249.

  • Prepare Lots of Bullets
    Although magazines M249 is able to accommodate a lot of bullets, players must prepare their reserves. minimum, player pocketed 300s of bullets for one game. It’s because usually player have to kill a lot of enemies in a short time.
  • Kill Opponents at Close Range
    Semi-tapping as well as technique shoot and drag is a strategy to shoot at close range. Players can use both techniques when fighting enemies in tight spaces.
  • Use it to Destroy Vehicles
    Enemy vehicles can come from any direction when you are in a location. But don’t worry, the M249 bullet is capable of destroying enemy vehicles by blowing them up.
  • Wear Mode Burst to Shoot Long Range Enemies
    Shooting continuously with recoil high can make the direction of your shot out of control. The solution, remove the bullet gradually to ensure the shot hits the target.
  • Use Weapons in Cover
    When out in the open or running, avoid using the M249. Instead, find the best possible cover before firing a bullet. So, player can aim weapons calmly and on target.

That’s a brief review about weapon M249 di along with tips for using it, also learn how to set the best pubg mobile sensitivity. Although weapons are not decisive for victory in the game, at least they can help players to survive on the battlefield.

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