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Tips for Playing with Hero Bruno, Easily Reach Savage!

Have you ever played hero Bruno in the Mobile Legends game? Hero This Marksman is identical to a weapon in the form of a ball. His attacks can also cause damage against the opponent. Not surprisingly, opponents often find it difficult to face Bruno.

Bruno’s powers are the work of a scientist, Eruditio. The scientist helped Bruno by creating an artificial leg. With advanced technology, Bruno can walk again, and even has the super power of moving as fast as the wind.

What are the advantages of Hero Bruno?

bruno mobile legend

For those of you who are curious about Bruno’s appearance in the game, don’t hesitate to try it. First of all, identify the various advantages it has hero this.

Deals Huge Damage

Bruno’s strength is that he can cause damage great for the opponent hit by the attack. Using Basic Attack and skills, hero this can kill enemies very easily. If you use the emblem and build items That’s right, its power is increasing. Furthermore, you just need to use hero aggressively in the game.

Passive Skills Support Performance

The second advantage that Bruno’s hero has is in the skills passive. Skills this makes Bruno get critical chance every time damage against the opponent. critical chance useful in the next attack. You have to combine it with critical build items so that damage getting stronger.

Easy Escape

One of the other advantages of hero Bruno is escape skills or escape ability. In the games, hero can do sliding tackle. With skills With this, it will be easier for Bruno to avoid the enemy’s pursuit. However, hero can also use it to attack. Cooldown can be done immediately if hero use skills one he has.

Good Hero Mobility

The ability to move quickly is a mainstay ability in games Mobile Legends. Because of that, hero which has skills This will make it easier to adjust. Bruno also has pretty good mobility. He can also do blink or move places so that the ability to move is optimal.

Far Attack Range

Bruno MLBB’s main ability is to attack opponents using the ball. The attack range of this attack is quite far. Because of that players can take advantage of hero to kill enemies that are at a distance. On the other hand, you can also be helped by hero Tank so you don’t get killed. Make sure you are in a safe position beforehand.

Bruno’s Sick Build You Can Try

bruno ml

Build items attached to hero will provide additional capabilities. There are various items that are sold and you can choose according to your needs. Especially for Bruno, here are the recommendations build items the best.

Raptor Machete

Items The first thing you need to have is the Raptor Machete. Items this can make it easier hero to do farming on early game. The advantage of Raptor Machete is that it gives a +30 Physical Attack bonus, 15% Physical Penetration, and +50% damage on monsters.

Swift Boots

Furthermore, there is one items which can add strength hero Bruno ML, namely Swift Boots. Items this is useful for getting bonuses movement. With Swift Boots, Bruno can get an additional 15% Attack Speed ​​and +40 Movement Speed.

Scarlet Phantom

Get an extra edge by using the Scarlet Phantom. Build items this can give an additional +20% Attack Speed, +30 Physical Attack, and +25% Critical Chance. Besides that, items it also has a unique passive ability so that Critical Hit from Bruno will provide additional damage.

Berserker’s Fury

Furthermore, you can use Berserker’s Fury at the end of the game. Items this will help you get +25% Critical Chance, +65% Physical Attack, and +40% Critical Damage. From his unique passive, you will get extra Physical Attack when Bruno Mobile Legend does a Critical Hit.

Endless Battle

Items other suitable for hero Bruno is Endless Battle. This item will help hero to produce effect true damage which comes from his Basic Attack. Items this is also suitable when combined with skill 1 hero Bruno.

Wind of Nature

Use build items Wind of Nature for hero Bruno. The goal is to get immune of Physical Damage. In addition, Wind of Nature can also increase Physical Attack, Attack Speed, and Physical Lifesteal on hero.

Tips for Playing Hero Bruno to be Effective

bruno mlbb

Who doesn’t want to win the game with the hero of their choice? The high ability of the opponent is certainly a factor that makes you unable to win. Therefore, you also have to know the right playing tips for the hero used.

Farming in the Early Game

This Marksman cannot play optimally without the right items. Therefore, you need to do farming to get it. As much as possible don’t get involved war or clash at an early stage. However, if you have obtained items right, start playing aggressively. To defend yourself in the early round, use skills 2 is to run away.

Choosing the Right Position

The next tip is to always choose the right position in the gameplay. As Marksman, hero must always be behind tank during team battles. This is done so that you don’t get hit damage opponent. If you want to attack, do it from a distance because of its supportive ability. Activate hero lock mode so that the target does not miss.

Use Ultimate Skills at Important Moments

Do not use skills The Ultimate that Bruno had carelessly. To make the game more effective, make sure you use it for important moments, such as push Turret, do defense tower, stealing Lord or Turtle. You can also use it to break up enemy formations when they are gathered in large numbers in one place.

Pay attention to the Combination of Skill Usage

When playing with hero Bruno, you also need to pay attention to the usage combination skills which he has. The goal is to produce damage optimal. First, use Flying Tackle, then Volley Shot, then end with World Wave. Mix skills it repeatedly. Also use this combination for ganking or open war.

Well, here are some things you need to know about hero Bruno, including the advantages and how to play optimally. To make the game more exciting, do it too top up diamonds through UniPin to purchase the required items. Transactions through UniPin are very practical because there are various payment methods available. What are you waiting for, play now hero Bruno now!

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