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Tips for Playing Speed ​​Drifters for New Players

As one of the digital entertainment providers, Garena always tries to present the best games. Founded in Singapore in 2009, Garena is known for various popular games such as Free Fire, Call of Duty, League of Legends, to FIFA Online 3.

Currently, Garena Indonesia has also presented a game made by Tencent, namely Speed ​​Drifters. Themed games racing This game has started to be played by homeland game lovers since 2022.

Get to know a brief history of speed drifters

Garena Speed ​​Drifters

Games that are played via mobile phones are the result of the development of the Chinese technology giant, Tencent. Garena Speed ​​Drifters itself was released first for the Chinese market and soon gained popularity with 20 million users actively playing it.

Different from other genre games racing similar, Speed ​​Drifter has various advantages, including in experience gameplay which is offered. Can be played using iOS or Android phones, some of the cool features offered by Speed ​​Drifters include:

Free Custom Character

One of the features that many people like gamers from Speed ​​Drifters is a character customization that can be made at will. You can be creative with various face shapes, hair colors, dress concepts, to accessories that your character wants to wear.

Ranked Mode

One of the fun when playing games racing is a rank race against other players. Speed ​​Drifters is equipped with a competitive rank mode that can be played alone (solo speed) or together (team items).

If in solo speed you are free to show your skills racing-yourself, in team items You are also required to work closely with fellow team members. In order to form a group, you must have three members and each member must rank highly in racing.

Music Ingame

One more advantage that you will get with Download Speed ​​Drifters, namely the availability of the Music Ingame feature. By using this feature, you can race on the track while listening to your favorite music. When else can you play racing games while listening to your favorite songs?

Available Rest Area

Even though it’s just a game, Speed ​​Drifters provides a Rest Area for the players. When you’re not racing, you can take part in various games available in the Rest Area, from guessing pictures, exploring the island, or just swimming on the beach.

Just like when you are on a trip, you can capture activities in the Rest Area while getting acquainted with other players who are also resting.

Married System

Another interesting feature that should not be missed from this racing game is the Married System. Not only racing, you can have a partner with other players in the game. To express your feelings to your partner, you can send various items ingameincluding rings.

Easy Tips for Playing Speed ​​Drifters

top up speed drifters

For those of you who have played games with similar genres, you probably won’t be awkward anymore when playing Speed ​​Drifters. However, if you are still completely new to it, there are some easy tips that you can follow. Find out more in the following review!

Choose the Right Kart/Vehicle

Do not let you choose the wrong vehicle. At the start of the game, you will be given a default vehicle. After log in during the week, you can use a new kart. The higher the level of the game and the more gold you get, the more likely you are to buy a vehicle that suits your liking.

If you want to be fast, you can top up Speed ​​Drifters to buy the car you want. It’s best to avoid buying a car that has a duration because its lifespan is only 30 days. Buy a car permanently so you can play it anytime.

Don’t Wrong Vehicle Modification

You can modify the kart or car you use according to your taste. However, don’t let this make you forget that performance on the road is the most important thing. Don’t let you modify it as cool as possible, but when test drive it lost performance. To make it easier, you can cheat the car modification guide available on Youtube.

Take Control of the Game in Your Style

Speed ​​Drifters has many methods to control the kart you use. However, if you don’t like fashion defaultnya, you can change it. Add on-screen analog controls if you don’t like the digital buttons. You can also place multiple icons in different ways.

Don’t step on the gas too fast

One of the mistakes that beginner Speed ​​Drifters players often make is to just step on the gas. In fact, similar to Crash Team Racing, in Garena Speed ​​Drifters You have to warm up the engine first before driving. If you just press the gas, you will lose your chance to get boost addition.

Explore Knowledge About Track

Track The ones in Speed ​​Drifters have shortcuts and if you know how to use them, you will easily outperform your opponent. Play track continue to get shortcuts. Don’t forget to also open the map and find other shortcuts available.

Avoid Mistakes When Drifting

You can gain additional power by doing drifting around the corner. Unfortunately, many players who overdrift and ended up crashing. Control the power drift you to get boost add with care.

Do Exercises Using Training Mode

Practice makes perfect. So is this game. You can train drifting skills as well as the ability to increase boost by using Training Mode. Unfortunately, not all training modes are open. There are certain levels that you must pass first. However, once the levels are unlocked, don’t hesitate to practice new tricks right away.

Those are some tricks and tips to play Garena Speed ​​Drifters for those of you who are beginners. To make it more fun, complete it items and buy your vehicle with top up diamond only on UniPin. Good luck!

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