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Tips for Playing Natalia, the Assassin Hero Who Is Often Underestimated

As a mighty Hero Assassin, Natalia are often underestimated because they tend to overpowered at the same time difficult to control. However, this high-speed fighter has undergone changes and improvements skills since the new version was launched. You can control Natalia and rank up by following this strategy

Who is Natalia?

natalia mobile legends

Before controlling Natalia, you should first get acquainted with her figure. Natalia was raised and trained as an Assassin by the Church of Light, giving her immense strength as well as speed and the ability to “disappear” to outwit opponents. At first, Natalia is a tough fighter who is confident, but mistakes while carrying out a mission make her comrades suffer.

After her confidence collapses, Natalia isolates herself and decides to undertake the most dangerous missions to prove herself. This requires Natalia to have a large attack power as well as high speed and disguise ability.

Reasons for Choosing Hero Natalia

natalia build

Why should you try to play with Natalia Mobile Legends? Here are some reasons:

1. Huge Damage

Unlike many other fighters, Natalia is already equipped with quite a large amount of damage even when she starts training. You don’t even need to raise skills and buy items to increase Natalia’s toughness! Suitable for players who tend to be more aggressive even from the start of the game.

2. Suitable as a Support Fighter

If you play in a team, Natalia can be a formidable support fighter. In addition to being able to inflict great damage, Natalia also helps secure the area and locks enemy movements.

3. Help the Team Infiltrate the Opponent’s Territory

Infiltrating your opponent’s territory can be dangerous, especially if you are forced to do so to expand the movement map. Natalia can help by infiltrating enemy territory and killing them quickly.

4. Can Get Rid of Many Enemies

Natalia’s speed makes her suitable as a “cleaner” to support the opponent’s movement. You can use it to destroy all enemies with small HP, for example from the Mage group.

List of Best Items for Natalia

natalia mlbb

Natalia MLBB requires the best Items to increase his skill and damage. Here are some items that you must get during the game.

1. Swift/Rapid Boots

Swift Boots and Rapid Boots are the first two items that must be owned by Natalia. Both increase his speed and help fight enemies like Cyclops. If possible, you should immediately buy Rapid Boots because it is much faster.

2. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom gives Natalia additional speed as well as a Critical Combo. That is, Natalia can launch attacks as fast as lightning while inflicting greater Physical Damage. You can make Natalia’s Critical Hit points full automatically by using Stealth mode.

3. Endless Battle

Want to increase Natalia’s Damage points while stealing your opponent’s life? Don’t forget to buy Endless Battle. This item has the Lifesteal ability which will give Natalia the convenience of defeating tough opponents.

4. Berserker’s Fury

Berserker’s Fury is Natalia Build Items that add Physical points as well as Critical Damage. If you manage to get this item at the beginning of the game, you can make Natalia farming faster.

5. Blade of the Heptaseas

Blade of the Heptaseas not only gives Natalia points of Physical Damage from attacks, but also gives additional HP. You should buy it quickly to master the beginning of the game. In order to use it, make sure Natalia is not attacked for five seconds.

6. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair is the strongest item because it creates a large Damage and Critical Hit Rate. If she had this, Natalia would be one of the greatest assassins, especially towards the end of the game.

Ideal Skill for Natalia

natalia hero

Natalia has several skill levels that reflect her character as a high-powered and high-speed Assassin. Make sure your Natalia has the following Skills:

1. Assassin Instinct (Passive)

As an Assassin, Natalia will give you more attack points if you attack from behind or from inside the bushes. The additional damage can reach 15 percent! Unfortunately, Natalia can only enter Stealth Mode if she is within a certain radius. Beyond that, you’ll see an exclamation mark above her head, which means Natalia will be in sight soon.

2. Claw Dash (Skill 1)

Claw Dash is a combination of high speed and attack. You can not only injure your opponent quickly, but also run away or even jump over walls.

3. Smoke Bomb (Skill 2)

As an assassin, Natalia has a skill that disguises and reduces damage to herself. After throwing Smoke Bombs at enemies, Natalia can increase her own attack power while slowing them down. You can also make Natalia immune to Basic Attacks while the Smoke Bomb is working.

4. The Hunt (Ultimate)

The Hunt is Natalia’s strongest attack. After reaching this level, all your Basic Attacks will be increased. You can also be transparent longer while creating more Physical Damage.

Tips for GG with Natalia

Natalia is tough, but she is also known as a hero who is a bit difficult to control. You can’t just use it carelessly if you want to win! Here are some tips for GG with Natalia.

1. Start Aggressive

Unlike most other heroes, Natalia will actually benefit if you play aggressively from the start. Use speed and Items to kill opponents in a way roaming in all directions. When you reach the final phase of the game, you can only focus on killing your main opponents by attacking silently.

2. Choose Lane Roaming

Lane Roaming is the best choice for Natalia. You can play aggressively at the beginning as well as open an area for teammates. You can also deal massive damage if you attack on Lane Roaming, even when you’re just starting out.

3. Use the Correct Skill Sequence

Make sure you finish off your opponent without losing control of Natalia. The recommended order is Passive Skill, Basic Attack, then Skill 1 and 2. If your opponent isn’t dead yet, it’s time to cast Ultimate Skill before returning to Basic Attack. Usually, this combination is quite effective for dealing with tough enemies.

Natalia is an Assassin with great attack speed and impact, so be careful when using it. Use the strategy above so you can control it easily until the end.

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