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Tips for Playing Beautiful with Irithel, Hero Marksman Lion Rider

Irithel Mobile Legends probably one of the most unique Marksman-type fighters. His appearance is quite impressive because he always rides a giant lion. This also gives him the ability to move well as well as the powerful effects of Passive Skills. However, despite being agile, Irithel tends to attack in short distances, so you have to play pretty.

Want to be successful in the team while playing Irithel? Here’s everything you should know!

Main Characteristics of Irithel

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The hallmark of Irithel is a giant lion that is his mount. In Irithel Mobile Legends story, the lion is Irithel’s “brother”, Leon. They were raised together by a giant smilodon (long-toothed tiger) who was the goddess of the forest guards. Irithel also learned to hunt and use arrows. The lion and arrow mounts are Irithel’s characteristics as well as weapons.

Among all Marksman-type fighters, Irithel is versatile. He not only has excellent attack power and speed, but also has the ability to quickly escape. You can also use his agility and strength to crowd control—suitable for dealing with gangster enemies.

Irithel’s Main Skill

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In every Irithel Mobile Legends adventure, Leon has always been an important part of Irithel’s Skill. These are passive and active skills that you can build to face your opponents.

1. Jungle Heart (Passive)

Irithel can shoot three arrows while riding Leon who is running. Each arrow creates about 42 percent Physical Damage.

2. Strafe (Skill 1)

After having Strafe, Irithel can shoot more arrows at once in one direction. All these arrows not only create Physical Damage, but also lower the opponent’s Physical Defense by 15 points. However, this drop only lasted three seconds.

3. Force of the Queen (Skill 2)

Force of the Queen will make Leon show off! This lion will roar and slow down the opponent’s movement by up to 80 percent for two seconds. In addition, the opponent will experience a decrease in Physical Defense.

4. Heavy Crossbow (Skill 3)

Heavy Crossbow combines Leon’s jump and Irithel’s arrow shot. The result is considerable Physical Damage to both the direct target and the closest enemy to the target.

Build Items Must-Have

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When collecting Irithel Mobile Legends build itemsmake sure you collect objects that create a lot damage. Here are some mandatory items:

1. Demon Shoes/Swift Boots

These two items increase Irithel’s speed when attacking. The difference is, Swift Boots tend to be wasteful even though they are faster than Demon Shoes. The solution, you can use Demon Shoes first before getting Swift Boots in the middle of the game.

2. Berserker’s Fury

Berserker’s Fury is the perfect item to increase the impact of Irithel’s attacks through Critical Damage.

3. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom is suitable for amplifying the impact of Berserker’s Fury. Irithel requires Critical Change to create Critical Damage, and Scarlet Phantom increases Critical Change by 50 percent.

4. Endless Battle

If Irithel you have to join the team fight or in lanes, time to bring out Endless Battle. You can do life steal even when “merely” attacked minions or jungle monsters. Irithel can also cause considerable Physical Damage when attacking a Tank.

5. Windtalker

Having Windtalker as well as Scarlet Phantom and Endless Battle will make Irithel even more deadly. You can increase the speed of movement, attack, as well as Critical Chance.

6. Wind Nature

This is a passive item that you can use when you are trapped and surrounded. This item gives immunity to Physical Attack, perfect for avoiding strong fighter attacks at the end of the game, for example Natalia and Ling. However, Wind Nature cannot withstand Magic Damage.

Want to increase the Damage effect? Get a Custom Marksman Emblem as part of Irithel Mobile Legends Emblem you. This emblem consists of 3 Bravery, 3x Doom, and Weapon Master as an additional Damage effect.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Irithel

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Here are some of Irithel’s strengths and weaknesses that you should pay attention to so you don’t get stuck in a fight.


  • Can attack while running and move places quickly
  • Suitable for taking the opponent’s blood little by little
  • Have the ability crowd control as well as large Burst Damage
  • Can chase the opponent before attacking
  • Suitable for eliminating the opposing team in the late stages of the game


  • Relatively weak against Assassin-type fighters, especially Hayabusa and Gusion
  • Damage at the beginning of the game is very small so Irithel needs a lot of protection
  • Need to collect around three to four items or reach a minimum of level 12 before the power accumulates

Strategy to Play Irithel

irithel mobile legends skill guide

You can excel with Irithel, but you have to be patient and alert when leveling up and collecting items. You can take advantage of Burst Damage from various skills and Irithel items when the game begins to enter the final stage. Here are some strategies you can try:

1. Fast Farming

When you are early in the game, you really have to focus on farming. Make sure you get to Level 4 in less than 10 minutes to easily upgrade your position.

2. Avoid the Forest at the Beginning

The current game trend is farming as soon as possible, so if your level is still at the beginning, avoid exploring the forest too much to finish off the monsters. It’s safer if you’re in lane or near the Turret and take out any unwary minions. It’s safer to keep your life until you level up.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Use Ultimate Skill

Many players tend to “save” Ultimate Skills so that their fighters don’t run out quickly where and had to wait a long time until their Skills were full again. However, with Irithel, you can often use Ultimate Skills. Because, time cooldown after relatively short use.

Irithel Mobile Legends is one of the most unique Marksman fighters. If you understand how to maneuver and combine skills to finish off your opponent in the final phase of the fight, you are guaranteed to be able to GG with Irithel and the lion!

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