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Tips for Building Kadita Mobile Legend, The Overpowered Queen of the South Coast

Indonesian people are certainly no stranger to the legend of the Queen of the South Coast, Nyai Roro Kidul. The character from this folklore is presented as a hero in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), namely Kadita.

This beauty who looks all green turns out to have an ability that cannot be underestimated, lo. Kadita has become a champion of many players because she has burst damage large and CC (Crowd Control) which is lethal.

However, not just any build can make Kadita bring out her prowess. Therefore, you must follow the tips build for Kadita Mobile Legend following!

Hero Kadita’s Best Emblem

Kadita EmblemThere are two options Kadita emblem which you can use:

1. Custom Mage

In the first row, increase the Magic Power and Cooldown Reduction status. Then, for Talent, use Pure Talent or Magic Worship which will maximize damage overall.

2. Magical

For those who don’t have a Custom Mage emblem, use Magical. This emblem increases Magic Power and Mana Regeneration in the first and second rows. Don’t forget to use Second Talent to add Magic Power after Kadita takes it out skills.

Spell Best for Kadita

Kadita's best spell

Lots spell which is suitable to be installed on Kadita Mobile Legend, ranging from those that function to increase durability, attack, to mobility. However, where Kadita’s best spells? Here are the recommendations.

  • Execute (Cooldown: 90 seconds) — An attack that ignores the opponent’s Shield. If the enemy loses due to Execute, cooldown Kadita will be reduced by 40 percent.
  • Flameshot (Cooldown: 50 seconds) — Fires Magic Damage, then knocks back and slows for a few seconds.

Anyone Counter Hero for Kadita Mobile Legend?

Counter Hero Kadita

Which characters become counter hero Kadita? Why are they a threat to the Queen of the South Coast? Check the answer through the following short points!

  • Moskov — Stops Kadita’s agility with Skill 2 which locks movement.
  • Cyclops — Able to target and lock Kadita with Ultimate Skill, then finish her off with Skill 2.
  • Minshittar — Fishing with Skill 2 and locking Kadita with Ultimate Skill.
  • Gusion — Gives Mark and kills Kadita with only Skill 1.
  • Aurora — Gives a Freeze effect that makes Kadita not move and produces damage big with Skill 1.

Recommendation Combo Skills Suitable for Kadita

Kadita's Combo Skills

Before applying skills combo, try to look at various things skills belonging to the following Kadita:

Passive Skill — Thalassophobia

Kadita will recover 65 percent of her lost HP for the duration skills when receiving enemy attacks. This passive activates every 30 seconds.

Skill 1 — Ocean Oddity

Kadita hits enemies with waves that deal Magic Damage and a Slow effect. When using Ocean Oddity, there is a reduction damage as much as 70 percent and activation of CC immunity on Kadita. Skills it ignores defense enemy.

Skill 2 — Breath of the Ocean

Skills which attacks with Magic Damage and Knock-Up effect in a specified area. Damage increases according to level.

Skill 3 — Rough Waves

Rough Waves attacks enemies with Magic Damage in succession and slows them down. Damage increases according to level.

Well, after reading the skill description above, it’s time to check Kadita skill combo effective for slashing enemies! Damage Kadita’s enormous size makes it suitable for fighting heavy-blooded Tank heroes. Therefore, to make it more painful, use the order of Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Skill 3 or Skill 2 > Skill 1 > Skill 3. Keep Skill 1 when the enemy is chasing and aim it at the right position so as not to attack in vain.

Build Items Hero Kadita Mobile Legend

Hero Kadita Mobile Legend

Want your Kadita to be stronger? Don’t forget to put some items following him!

1. Clock of Destiny

Items This function adds Mana, HP, and Magic Power hero status. That way, Kadita’s attacks can be maximized while maintaining her defense until the end of the game. Clock of Destiny has two unique passives, namely Time and Reincarnate. Over time, Time will increase Magic Attack and HP. In addition, when stack Time reaches maximum, Reincarnate will give extra Mana and Magic Power.

2. Winter Truncheon

Next, there is items an increase in strength as well as durability, namely Winter Truncheon. Items this increases the HP status, Physical Defense, and Magic Attack on Kadita. Not only that, there is Freeze, skills active that attacks enemies with a Freeze effect for a few seconds.

3. Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes is items which is suitable for optimizing Kadita’s agility. Items this not only accelerates Mana Regeneration, but also increases Movement Speed. In addition, Demon Shoes is equipped with a unique passive called Mysticism, skills Mana recovery activates when you defeat an enemy or get an Assist.

4. Concentrated Energy

Additional HP and Magic Power are really useful for Kadita. Therefore, installing Concentrated Energy is highly recommended. Moreover, items This also adds the Magical Lifesteal attribute that can “steal” the enemy’s HP when attacking. Concentrated Energy is supported by Recharge, a unique passive that restores Kadita’s HP by 10 percent each time an enemy is eliminated.

5. Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon focuses on increasing attack. Items it provides extra Mana, Cooldown Reduction, and Magic Power. As for the unique passive, Resonate, which will reflect magic damage through advanced skills to 3 opponents every 6 seconds.

6. Fleeting Time

Lastly, add attack power and speed up usage skills with items this. Fleeting Time adds Magic Power and Cooldown Reduction status to Kadita. Then, items it features Timestream, a unique passive that reduces cooldown Ultimate Skill every time you get an Assist or beat an opponent.

How? Are you ready to optimize the power of your Kadita? With high mobility, damage sick, CC is terrible, and skills powerful combo, Kadita Mobile Legend can really make his enemies go crazy. As long as you apply the tips build which was discussed above. Good luck and have a good games!

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