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This Superman Builds a PC with Super Specifications

The current corona pandemic is forcing people to do more activities at home than outside. This is also what finally made the role of Superman in Man of Steel, Henry Cavill assemble his own computer. Some time ago he shared a short video when he assembled a computer. And of course Superman must also have a computer with super specs.

henry seems happy with the activity of assembling his computer. And even though he had made a mistake, the fans also understood this. The video of him assembling the computer can be seen in the video below:

One fanpage named Gamegamegame trying to disassemble Henry’s computer specifications. And here is the estimated price of each part if converted into rupiah.

– Ryzen 9 3900x processor: IDR 7,500,000
– Cooler NZXT Z73 360mm Kraken AIO: IDR 4,480,000
– ASUS ROG Crosshair 8 Hero Motherboard: IDR 8,250,000
– RAM GSkill Trident Z 32GB (16×2): IDR 3,000,000
– Storage 2x1TB Samsung 970 Pro NVMe: IDR 10,400,000
– ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2080Ti VGA: IDR 24,000,000
– Seasonic Prime Titanium TX1000 PSU: IDR 3.850.000
– Case Fractal Design R6: IDR.2,500,000
– ASUS PG27UQ Monitor: IDR 35.600.000
– Steelseries 650 Mouse: IDR1.850.000
– Razer Hunstman Elite: IDR 4,530,000

The data above is taken from Henry’s video footage when assembling his PC. But for the mouse and PSU it is still an estimate by taking the highest price.

Of course, with the super spec computer above, Henry can bulldoze any game currently available. how about you guys? Do you also drool with the specs above?

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