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This Resident Evil Character Confirmed As Gay

Resident Evil has accompanied us all for more than two decades. During these 25 years, we have passed various challenges that Capcom has offered through the various Resident Evil series that they have launched.

In the past 25 years, we have been introduced to many of the franchise’s iconic characters. Call it Leon, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong and the latest is Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil Resistance!

This Resident Evil Character Confirmed As Gay
Resident Evil Resistance | 3 | PC Gamer

However, do you know that of all the Resident Evil characters, there is one character who turns out to be a Gay. This news was confirmed by Capcom itself to celebrate LGBT month.

When released a few years ago, Resident Evil 3 Remake was bundled with RE: Resistance and developed by NeoBards Entertainment. Resistance itself is a multiplayer horror game similar to Dead by Daylight but with the feel of Resident Evil.

One of the characters is confirmed to be gay!

The main setting of the Resistance itself is around 1998 when the incident of the destruction of the city of Raccoon. In which there are four warriors who will face off with the results of Umbrella’s experiments with t-vrius.

Via account Twitter, Game Director of Resident Evil: Resistance confirmed that one of the characters from their game is gay. He confirmed that Tyrone Henry as one of the characters in the game is an LGBT person.

This indirectly confirms that Resident Evil: Resistance is the only RE game with LGBT characters in it.

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