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This Principle That EVOS REKT Always Holds Up! Games

Who doesn’t know the REKT figure from the EVOS Legends team. This player is the captain of the White Tiger team, which has joined the team since 2022.

Of course, as a pro player in Mobile Legends who has been in the MOBA world for a long time, REKT has a lot of experience. His high flying hours have made him experience various difficult and happy moments with his colleagues at EVOS.

because of that, there are also many principles that EVOS REKT has that can actually be imitated. What are REKT’s principles?

The principles that REKT upholds

Some time ago through a live stream on Nemo TV, EVOS REKT revealed that he has several principles that he has always adhered to. He said that he had already set his mind on something, so he had to finish it thoroughly

If he thinks he is not good at a game, he keeps trying until he feels satisfied and is already good at the game. REKT itself is not afraid to try again and again.

“I’ve always been a child of an internet cafe, my principle is that if you play games, you have to be good, really good. Must be a god, just not a god in this game, not yet in power,” explained REKT.

REKT himself revealed that the principle he adhered to started from the beginning when he often played games at an internet cafe. It is not surprising that with the principles he holds, he can develop continuously and consistently throughout the Season. He always learns when he falls and is not easily satisfied with what he has achieved.

Of course this principle is very necessary, especially if you are a pro player in certain games. Believe in yourself and don’t be a pessimist. Keep practicing so you can keep playing well and improve your game performance

For those of you who are game lovers and want to become pro players, the REKT principle is certainly very good to emulate. So don’t give up easily and keep trying!

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