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This Mod Lets You Play as Geralt in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Once again the fans of Resident Evil 2 are showing their talent in creating fan-made content. The game, which was remake last year, has established itself as something of a favourite among the modding community and its popularity is also showing no sign of abating.

This is the second mod to be included in Resident Evil 2 by Wiwilz from the game The Witcher 3. The first is to replace Claire with Ciri, and the latest is replaces Leon with Geralt — which is definitely an upgrade for the Raccoon City Police Department.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Geralt’s silver sword against zombies so it will continue to stick to its back — at least for now. So for a more realistic experience of playing Geralt’s character, you can try to survive with a knife. It’s a challenge but so is the life of a witcher.

Like the Ciri mod, you will need a mod manager FluffyQuack to install the Geralt mod. However, unlike the Ciri mod, this one also has facial animations. Wiwilz noted that they are working on adding animation to Ciri but there is no word yet on when it will be released.

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