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This is the recommended skin for FAMAS Free Fire and tricks to play it

From FAMAS Free Fire weapon images Of course, many players immediately believed in his abilities. Weapon type assault rifle it has damage which is pretty good. Unlike other non-automatic weapons in this game, you have to tap FAMAS Free Fire every time you fire it.

Unfortunately, because it can only fire 3 bullets, you need extra effort to control it. The trick is to click the shoot button repeatedly. Judging from the stats, this one firearm has damage 53 with rate of fire 67. His own range reaches 70 with reload speed 48. FAMAS is also equipped with silencers, scope and muzzle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FAMAS Free Fire

Famas Free Fire

Like other weapons in the Free Fire game, FAMAS also has several advantages and disadvantages. These are the factors that you should take into consideration before choosing to fight using FAMAS Free Fire.

The advantages of this AR weapon include:

  1. Damage which is quite high. But need to be careful because the accuracy is small, damage will decrease if used for long range shooting
  2. Can fire 3 bullets at once. This is an advantage that other ARs don’t have. With just one shot, 3 bullets will be ready to kill your enemy
  3. Choice skin a lot. If you are looking for a weapon that has many options skin, FAMAS is one of the best options. There are dozens skin which you can choose. One of them is Moonwalk which has the ability to raise damage significantly.

In addition to the advantages above, you should also consider some of the disadvantages of FAMAS Free Fire, including:

  1. The accuracy is not good enough. From the statistics, we can see that this weapon only has an accuracy value of 54 which is relatively small. Therefore, its performance is less qualified when used to shoot long distances. You can use skin to increase accuracy, but actually the accuracy value won’t change much
  2. All must be completed attachments. For it to work properly, you have to include all attachments Existing weapons include silencer, foregrip, muzzle, magazine and scope-his.

Best FAMAS Free Fire Skin Recommendations

skin famas free fire

In the Free Fire game, skin weapons are included in one of the accessories that can be the key to your victory on the battlefield. Unlike bundles that will make your weapon look cooler, skin can provide additional stats that will increase its performance on the battlefield. If your choice is FAMAS, then 5 skin this is the best recommendation!

FAMAS Panther

Also known by another name FAMAS Cheetah, skin it appears with yellow and black spots similar to animals cheetah. With damage points quite promising, skin it’s really worth it for you. You can buy it at the Armory Shop for 35 diamonds.

FAMAS Ice Blue

Presenting a rather plain appearance, the image of the FAMAS Free Fire Ice Blue weapon displays colors cyanblack and white. Skins this can increase damage but at the expense of accuracy. You can get skin this is at the same price as the FAMAS Panther.

FAMAS Black Widow Golden

Cannot be purchased at the Armory Shop, skin this is included as one skin rare in Free Fire. Previously, players had found it in “Draw Your Legendary FAMAS” in August 2022. With the ability to increase accuracy, don’t be surprised if to get it you have to be willing to do it spin from 50 diamonds.

FAMAS Teenage Dream

Bringing bright colors, you will see a female anime character on the body of the weapon that makes it visible cute. Even so in terms of accuracy and damage, skin this will make you invincible in long range combat. You can buy skin It’s in the Armory Shop. The price is only 60 diamonds.

FAMAS Vampire

If you like red, skin This is a must in your collection. The red color and the animation is similar to vampire ready to take you to suck the enemy’s blood until it runs out. Skins You can buy this at the Armory Shop for 60 diamonds.

Tricks Using FAMAS Free Fire

free fire famas gun pictures

If you are ready to fight using FAMAS, don’t forget to keep an eye on some of the tricks to use it. The following steps can help you become more adept at firing FAMAS at the enemy.

Pay attention to the characters you use

As we know, every character in Free Fire has various skills. Some are active and some are passive. Choosing a weapon also needs to consider the character you are using. See suitability skillswith FAMAS statistics. Try both to complement each other so that the maximum on the battlefield.

Do not forget Attachments

This weapon requires an attachment to function optimally. You can use foregrip to increase the accuracy value and muzzle to make your shots more effective. If you like to attack from behind, don’t forget to use silencer.

Take Advantage of Techniques Roll Scope

To maximize the accuracy and firing speed of FAMAS, you can use the technique roll scope.

Beware of AK Armed Enemies and Groza

As an AR weapon, FAMAS is the most suitable duel with similar weapons. But you still have to be vigilant. Especially if you meet an enemy who uses a Groza or AK weapon. These two weapons are known to be able to provide damage which is quite large. If you can’t handle it, you can die silly. In a desperate situation, you can take advantage of gloo wall to save yourself.

That’s the full review of FAMAS Free Fire. Complete all collections skinher with top up diamonds Free Fire on UniPin. Besides being cheaper, there are various payment methods that you can choose at will.

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