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This is the list of the best iOS offline games that you must download

Play should be relaxing and carefree. However, at this time, there are many games that actually add to the burden on the players, namely buying extra internet quota. Are you one of the players who feel burdened too? If so, it’s time to switch to offline games (offline).

Now, for you iPhone or iPad users, ten offline games best iOS The following could be the right choice.

10 Offline Games Best iOS

Row games below is guaranteed not to upset you because the internet connection is often problematic.

1. Cover Fire: Gun Shooting Game

best offline games for ios

From the name, you can already guess the type of this game. Cover Fire: Gun Shooting Game invites players to experience the thrill of combat with firearms, pistols, and rifles. In addition, you are also free to use other tools, such as grenades, bombs, and others.

The game becomes more interesting because Cover Fire: Gun Shooting Game is equipped with the most advanced HD quality graphics. So what are you waiting for? Download immediately games war offline best iOS this!

2. Dashero: Sword & Magic

dashero game offline ios

Face a cruel fantasy world full of monsters in Dashero: Sword & Magic. You have to beat big boss and survive until the end of the game to win games.

The sound effects, character designs, arena settings, and 3D concepts add to the excitement while playing. If you’ve tried it, you’ll agree that Dashero: Sword & Magic is a offline adventure games best iOS.

3. Escape Zombies and Survive

best offline games for ios

Who says it survival games must always play on line? Get ready to escape from thousands of invading zombies! You only need to use your skills in playing weapons and attack strategies.

In addition, this game is also child-friendly so it can be played by school-age children, namely 9 years and over, but of course it must be with parental supervision.

4. Paladin’s Story: Fantasy RPG

best offline war game ios

RPG game fans should have Paladin’s Story: Fantasy RPG on their mobile.

With the theme of medieval fantasy, Paul Buehler (game developer) has succeeded in bringing Paladin’s Story to rating the highest user choice, which is 5.0.

During the game, players will be invited to explore a fantasy world and stop the rise of demons. However, before that, you must first defeat dragons, magicians, and lost souls.

5. 8 Ball Pool Trickshots

best offline adventure games for ios

The pandemic has closed almost all activities, including pool halls. If you really want to play these little balls, you should install the game on your cellphone. 8 Ball Pool Trickshots could be the solution.

There are more than 100 game levels to win. In addition, feel the unique experience of playing pool ball on dozens of different table designs.

6. Stick Superhero: Offline Games

list of the best offline games for ios

Created by Funnii PTE. LT, Stick Supehero: Offline Games invites players to duel against strength. The simple character design combined with the right color selection makes this game very pleasing to the eye. That’s why, even though it’s played for hours, it doesn’t make the eyes glaze over.

No need to buy games this is because the App Store offers it for free.

7. IGI-Gun Games Offline

ios games offline

List offline games best iOS next is IGI-Gun Games Offline. This application made by Hassan Rashid is perfect for those of you who like genre games action.

Immediately after starting games, You must be ready to complete missions, strategize, and protect the base from enemy attacks. The fun is again, the higher level your game, the greater the strength of the enemy that must be defeated.

The visuals are quite fantastic for the size of a offline games. Players are treated to the best animations, high-quality graphics and unique themes.

8. Subway Surfers

subway surfer ios

Love Temple Run, Minion Rush or Sonic Dash games? If so, you’ll definitely love Subway Surfers by Sybo Games ApS.

Your job is just to run to save your friends (Jake, Tricky, & Fresh) from being chased by the officer and his angry dog.

Keep running and overcoming obstacles in style!

9. Old Man’s Journey

ios games offline

Next is a game for those of you who like games Adventure genre. To successfully complete the game, you must solve puzzles available throughout the adventures of the main character (Old Man).

When you first see how it looks, Old Man’s Journey seems like a games classic. Even so, you will not get bored playing games of these Broken Rules. The reason is, this game uses visual power as a storyteller. The accompanying music also adds to the emotional closeness of the players to the story being told.

So cool, Old Man’s Journey has won dozens of prestigious international awards, including the Apple Design Award, Emotional Game Award, Innovation Award, Best Art Award, and so on.

10. Bubble Shooter – Pop Bubbles

offline games for ios

For those who want a light game without draining your mind, you can try Offline games best for iOS in this last order, namely Bubble Shooter – Pop Bubbles. To play it, players only need to throw a colored ball into a group of balls of the same color.

The faster and more precise you throw, the more points you collect in order to advance to the next level. Games produced by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd. This can be obtained for free through the App Store.

That was ten offline games best iOS which can be played. However, you must remember to set the duration of play yes. This is so that the activity gaming-you don’t have a bad effect on you.

Positives of Play Games

At the moment, games mobile phones tend to be associated with a bad impact for its users. However, when coupled with the right timing, playing games from mobile phones can actually contribute positive things too, including:

  • Improve eye and hand coordination.
  • Implement sportsmanship and fairness.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Teach teamwork.
  • Train brain work.

After reading all the reviews above, you’ll want to download right away offline games best iOS, no? To get even more excited, listen to your favorite music while playing. You can equip your iPhone and iPad with your favorite songs by purchasing an iTunes Gift Card on UniPin.

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