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This is the Charisma of Joseph Free Fire, the Older the Better!

When playing Free Fire, most players rely on young characters who are known to be strong and tough. However, there is Joseph Free Fire, the charismatic who is getting older is even better at fighting.

Life experience makes Joseph have more insight and skills that other FF characters rarely have, moreover he also has an interesting background. Curious about Joseph Free Fire character? Check out the following review.

Mysterious Joseph Free Fire

joseph free fire real name

As the 19th character, Joseph has long been filling wallpaper loading homescreen at the moment of FF’s birthday. It’s a good idea to look for signs of a new character’s presence by observing various FF elements, including loading home screen.

The figure of Joseph who is 45 years old has a masculine appearance with an attractive face. In fact, even though he is getting older, it does not reduce Joseph’s charm in the eyes of female players.

Not much is known about myself Joseph Free Fire. Little information is obtained, Joseph had been an outstanding student while in military school. He developed as an intelligent physicist, but also has a good combat tactics.

Skills Mainstay Joseph Free Fire

joseph free fire abilities

Joseph’s unique ability is when hit damage, you can gain mobility. Instead of falling because he was hit by a shot, Joseph was able to run extra fast.

Joseph Free Fire skills this is known as Nutty Movement. When active, Joseph can run fast for a while once he is hit by an attack that creates damage. Effect skills Joseph is also different on each level.

For example, at level 1, once he obtained a damage, Joseph’s running ability increases by 10% in the span of 1 second. When level 2, there is an increase in running speed of up to 12%.

Furthermore, Nutty Movement Joseph continues to increase by 2% at each level. When reaching the highest level, Joseph’s running speed is able to touch the maximum point of up to 20%.

Booyah Tricks with Joseph Free Fire

joseph free fire skills

What Joseph has clearly can contribute a lot to the team. So, so that you can booyah by using Joseph, try to do some of these things.

Send Joseph to ruffle the opponent’s formation

After letting Joseph get damage, take advantage of the situation by sending him through the opponent’s formation. Armed with the ability to run super fast, he freely ruffles and destroys enemy formations.

If the opponent is in disarray, even teammates can easily finish off the enemy. No need to wait long, immediately act as soon as Joseph succeeded in disrupting the enemy’s defense.

Assign Joseph as flanker

Did you know that Joseph can turn deadly if you approach the enemy while being shot? In fact, he is also difficult to target due to agile movements. Therefore, his duty as rusher so needed his teammates so that each can focus on carrying out their respective roles.

On the other hand, Joseph can also serve as flanker. He can sneak move towards the point where the enemy is staying. Once near the enemy, he can immediately finish him off.

For that, you need to make sure you have equipped Joseph with the right weapons. SMG or shotgun So the two types of weapons that Joseph used to use. Not without reason of course.

SMG has Fire Rate high enough to be able to create damage high when executed at close range. Then, shotgun have burst damage on the shot launched so that the enemy falls down easily. Some examples of weapons in question are:

  1. SPAS, suitable for those of you who like to play aggressively at close range. With Joseph’s fast-paced play, he needs a weapon like SPAS so he can do it headshot in one shot.
  2. Thompson can be an option when you want to play SMG weapons because it suits its high DPS and aggressive playing style.
  3. SCAR, type assault rifle which is fairly versatile because it has attachment slots many and easy to use in a variety of situations.

The Most Appropriate Combo for Joseph Free Fire

joseph free fire character

The most fun thing about playing FF is that you can combine several characters to achieve much more significant results. Well, with Nutty Movement skills Joseph’s, you can combine that power with other characters.

Of the many FF characters, these four characters deserve to be called the most appropriate combo for Joseph Free Fire.

DJ Alok

It is common knowledge that DJ Alok is very popular with the players. He is easy to match with other characters, including Joseph. Skills DJ Alok can increase the movement speed and heal other members.

Imagine when Joseph plays with DJ Alok, his movement speed increases even more. Plus, he was able to handle damage obtained through the process heal owned by DJ Alok.


Moco is known to have the ability to track the enemy’s position when your shot hits them. After successfully knowing where the enemy is, you can immediately start the battle.

energy and skills Joseph with extra speed is a great combination for Moco. Both of them can let go flanks quickly without being noticed by the previous enemy.


Skills Hayato was able to add Piercing Armor to his teammates. The smaller the character’s blood that gets skills Hayato, the bigger the character pocketed Amor Piercing.

Because Joseph had to let himself be exposed damage first to activate skills hers, the combination with Hayato could smooth out your plans. This two-character combo can make you win one-on-one battles in no time.


This one character needs to sacrifice his own EP to get a large amount of additional blood. Therefore, combining the A124 and Joseph makes you ready to receive damage from the enemy. Because your blood will fill up quickly.

The enemy is not aware that you are actually preparing to attack again. In fact, he looks at you as if you were dying. This tactic can help you attack the enemy and finish him off immediately.

In other words, Joseph Free Fire have a big job as bait in a team. He is suitable for one-on-one battles with enemies, supported by the right choice of weapons and his ability to run at high speed.

So, are you interested in trying Joseph right away at your game?

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