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Things You Must Know Before Buying Starlight Member Mobile Legends

The current world situation makes people need alternative entertainment because of the limitations of activities outside the home. Playing Mobile Legends games is the most loved activity for many ages because it is fun, challenging, plus it can be played anywhere via smartphones.

You need to know, since its first release, this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game has beendownload 100 million times on the Play Store you know! In fact, Mobile Legends is the most popular mobile game in Indonesia. One of them is thanks to the interesting features that are carried, namely: Starlight Member Mobile Legends.

Curious about what a Starlight Member is and the benefits that can be had after buying it? Check out the reviews below!

What is Starlight Member Mobile Legends?

what is starlight member mobile legends

Once you enter the Starlight window in Mobile Legends, you will find two lines: Free and Advanced. For information, each player is entitled to receive all the rewards available in the Free line. Meanwhile, rewards in the Advanced row are only available for Starlight and Starlight Member Plus.

Starlight Member is a special membership feature for Mobile Legends that can be accessed with a monthly subscription, similar to the Season Pass or Battle Pass in MMO games such as PUBG Mobile, AOV, and Dota 2. You can enjoy various benefits if you subscribe to this membership.

Common way to access Mobile Legends Starlight Member by paying a number of diamonds. You can open it right on the Starlight menu on the front page when you want to start the game.

There are two versions of Starlight Member, namely the regular version and Starlight Member Plus. By subscribing to one of these memberships, you can have the status of a premium player. You will also enjoy various interesting advantages that you cannot have if you play in Free mode.

Benefits of Being a Starlight Member in Mobile Legends

the benefits of being a starlight member of mobile legends
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Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends, gives you some special privileges when playing the game he claims. Here are the three most sought after by Mobile Legends players.

Free exclusive skins

The most dominant advantage of this subscription feature is that you can use a different exclusive skin every month for free! Moonton pampers its players through various interesting skins every month. Plus, this skin is permanent so you can use it forever.

Awesome (and free!) avatar border

Not only skins, but you can be different from other players through borders or special free avatar frames every month. This avatar frame will make you look cool by other players because you play with a premium account, not free.

Extra 5% Battle Points

One more big advantage that you can enjoy is the convenience of pocketing 5% Battle Points (BP). It is common knowledge, collecting BP in Mobile Legends is one of the most challenging things.

Thanks to Starlight Member, you can increase your BP coffers in no time. If the BP increases, you also have more capital to buy heroes or increase the level of the emblem.

Other advantages

In addition to the three main advantages, you can still enjoy the following series of benefits.

No.Profit What do you get
1.Free heroesAdditional free heroes up to 6 characters, can be used in Classic or Ranked game modes
2.Level up fasterWhen playing for a long time, the game level will rise faster
3.Extra points30% mastery points, 10% EXP in each game
4.Special effectsStarlight Member special effects during recall and spawn
5.Weekly giftsThere are several attractive prizes every week, such as the Normal Emblem Pack, Small Horn, and Double BP Card

Difference Between Starlight Member vs Starlight Member Plus

As explained above, there are two versions Starlight Member Mobile Legends, namely regular Starlight Member and Starlight Member Plus. For your information, you can redeem this premium membership by spending Rp. 149,000.

Then, what are the differences between Starlight Member and Starlight Member Plus?


To buy this membership you can use diamonds. The difference in diamond prices for the two is quite far. In fact, Starlight Members Plus need twice as many diamonds (1100 diamonds) as Starlight Members who only need 550 diamonds.

Bonuses earned

In general, Starlight Members will give you bonuses in the form of exclusive skins, Starlight Privileges, and the chance to get more than 50 kinds of prizes when leveling up. This membership is actually enough to make you a respected player in the game area.

Meanwhile, in addition to pocketing these benefits, you will get 29 Starlight levels with prizes worth 2900 diamonds if you subscribe to Starlight Member Plus. You can also claim Starlight Gems directly. More details, you can see the following picture.

Starlight Member Mobile Legends

The question is, how important do you need the membership to be?

At first glance, buying Starlight Member Plus seems profitable because of the prize worth 2900 diamonds. In fact, if you are observant, you can take the prize home only with a regular Starlight Member. Moreover, for those of you who feel at home sitting for hours to level up and claim all the prizes.

So, you can save 550 diamonds. The number of diamonds is large enough to be used for shopping for other things. However, if you don’t have much free time to play, becoming a Starlight Member Plus and having 29 levels instantly is also fine. So, back to your needs and playing style.

How to Buy Starlight Member Mobile Legends

how to buy starlight member mobile legends

Now you can buy Starlight Member Mobile Legends legally with a few easy steps. Unipin is one of the official partners of purchasing service providers Mobile Legends Starlight Member.

Antiribet, you just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the platform and select Mobile Legendsthen Starlight Member in the purchase menu.
  2. Type the user ID and Zone ID according to the data in your account profile.
  3. After the Starlight Member choice package offer window and additional diamonds appears, take the package without additional diamonds so you will get a normal price of around Rp. 150,000.
  4. After selecting, the screen will display the nominal amount to be paid along with alternative payment channels. You are free to choose which channel you prefer, including credit cuts, digital wallets, bank transfers, and through minimarket outlets.
  5. Transaction completed. You’re legit Mobile Legends Starlight Member and enjoy the various features available.

It turns out that it’s easy to buy Starlight Member Mobile Legends? Don’t hesitate, execute it right now, and have fun playing to your heart’s content!

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