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The Power of Aurora, the Old Mage Hero with Great Damage

The arrival of the new Heroes in Mobile Legends doesn’t make the old Hero go down in prestige. Aurora is one of the classic Heroes who has a reputation as one of the toughest fighters. Premiering in 2022, Aurora is one of the most iconic Hero Mages.

Aurora’s unique strength makes her one of the toughest fighters. This is the reason why Aurora remains the mainstay Hero, and how you can win using this fighter.

Aurora’s Story

aurora mlbb

Appearance Aurora ML The unique and ice-themed ones show the power associated with the element. Aurora was born in the middle of a blizzard in the Northern Vale and earned the status of one of the guardians of the Land of Dawn. However, after a fight sever her arm, Aurora becomes a cold and gloomy figure.

Aurora is known for her power to summon storms and control ice and snow, but she uses it to protect the inhabitants of the Land of Dawn. After losing her lover, Aurora launches a blizzard attack before disappearing. It is said that he resides on Queen’s Peak, a lonely and cold mountain peak.

Even though she looks like an ice queen, you can change her appearance with Aurora ML Skin. The Aquarius skin makes Aurora look even more mysterious, while Nature’s Throne gives her a plant-like graceful look. Heartbreak Empress and Foxy Lady are suitable for those who like to look beautiful as well as unique and striking.

Aurora Skill Order

aurora mobile legends

Despite his background and formidable power, Aurora Mobile Legends actually more popular as a team supporter. Here are some Aurora Skills that are suitable to support your team:

1. Pride of Ice (Passive)

Aurora’s passive skill creates a freezing effect that can stop the opponent’s movement. You must use the Aurora Skill four times before you can activate Pride of Ice.

2. Frost Shock (Skill 1)

Frost Shock incorporates an attack element into Aurora’s Skill. You can use it together with the Pride of Ice to create powerful combinations. In addition to dealing Magic Damage, Frost Shock will slow down enemies by up to 25 percent, but only for 1.5 seconds.

3. Bitter Frost (Skill 2)

Bitter Frost is suitable for Crowd Control and frees yourself and your team from mob attacks. The effect is more powerful than Frost Shock because your opponent’s movement will slow down to 80 percent.

4. Cold Destruction (Ultimate Skill)

Cold Destruction slows down your opponent’s movement by up to 90 percent. In addition, Aurora will also drop a giant piece of ice to the surrounding enemies.

Aurora Item Build List

build aurora

Aurora requires a complete Build Item in order to be able to launch Skills to the maximum while avoiding being kidnapped or killed by the opponent. Here is a list of items that you must have:

1. Arcane Boots

A must-have shoe item for Mages. Arcane Boots not only increase Aurora’s speed to +40, but also increase the Magical Penetration ability so that the attack effect is greater.

2. Calamity Reaper

Calamity Reaper is suitable for giving several advantages at once to survive the early stages of the fight. Your Aurora will get additional Mana, Magic Power, and time reduction cooldown.

3. Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon gives extra Mana up to 300 points, plus Magic Power and time reduction cooldown up to 10 percent. When this item is working, you can inflict extra Magic Damage for every attack every six seconds.

4. Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time not only increases Magic Power up to +70, but also reduces time cooldown up to 15 percent.

5. Divine Glaive

In addition to providing additional Magic Power, Divine Glaive gives a more powerful attack effect for Aurora with the addition of Magical Penetration. Your Aurora can enjoy this benefit if its HP exceeds 70 percent.

6. Blood Wings

The last and most powerful item, Blood Wings will give Aurora HP up to 500 points and Magic Power up to +150. You will also get a regular HP increase of up to 1.5 points when adding Magic Power.

Aurora’s Strengths and Weaknesses


Just like other heroes, Aurora MLBB has advantages and disadvantages for your consideration. Here are some of them.


  • Huge damage even from the start of the game
  • Suitable for doing Crowd Control
  • Relatively easy to control, suitable for beginners or casual players
  • The impact of Magic Damage is quite wide and can target more enemies


  • Can’t kill God alone, must always be with the team
  • Relatively less agile, had to use a Spell like Flicker to help him
  • Tend to be wasteful Mana
  • It’s hard to aim the attack using Skill

GG Success Tips with Aurora

aurora ml skin

Even though it has large and extensive damage, Aurora is less agile so it’s easy to target. Make sure you follow these tips if you want to GG with Aurora:

1. Use Middle Lane

The Middle Lane is suitable for the Aurora because it is protected by a row of cannons. Besides, the area around the cannon can be a place farming which is quite safe. In addition to getting rich quick, you can immediately help the opposing team if there is an attack.

2. Focus on Aggressive Protection at the Beginning

At the start of the match, make sure you protect turret belongs to your team and friends. If necessary, you can play aggressively. Take advantage of Crowd Control’s abilities to help warring teams.

3. Be careful in the final phase

Aurora’s relatively low HP and less agile movements make her position vulnerable in the final phase of the game. Make sure you often hide in the bushes and avoid exploring large areas alone without reading the map.

4. Use the Right Skill Sequence

Want a powerful Aurora attack? Start with Skill 2 before using Ultimate and end it with Skill 1. Make sure passive mode is also on and in full condition so that Aurora is always ready for battle.

Aurora may be an old Hero, but her abilities are not to be taken lightly. The combination of ease of control and high damage makes it suitable as a support for any team. Use Aurora properly to protect team members as well as handle Crowd Control until your team achieves victory.

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