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The Origin of the Bloodhound Mask Told Through Its New Animation

Having a shooter type hero with a battle royale concept, of course, makes it a special attraction for you Apex Legends. Now, they have revealed the past of the Bloodhound, one of the legend type detectors that does not represent male or female gender. In this ten-minute animated video entitled “The Old Ways”, tells the story of Bloodhound as a child who tries to be a good hunter with Arthur who leads him to be accepted by all fathers.

While on a scavenger hunt alone, Bloodhound found a charge rifle lying next to a corpse he had found in the rubble. Then the bloodhound encountered a monster the size of a troll chasing it. Without a second thought, Bloodhound immediately took the weapon and fired it. Then he brought the horns as proof that he had succeeded in killing the monster.

When he arrived at the village and buried the charge rifle he got. Bloodhound then handed over the horn. Arthur who knew that the Bloodhound didn’t use the traditional hunting method he had been taught, but used a sophisticated weapon immediately scolded him. His anger culminated in the expulsion of the Bloodhound from his tribe.

Feeling very disappointed, he tried to dig up the weapon again and found that the monster he shot was not dead and came to the village to take back its horn at Arthur’s house. Because Arthur didn’t want to get into trouble, Bloodhound distracted the monster.

The battle was unavoidable, the whole village including Arthur who was aware began to attack him together. With his luck, Bloodhound managed to repel the monstrous monster after he threw the generator taken from the charge rifle he got.

But very unfortunately, bad luck befell Arthur who tried hard to fight the monster. He had to suffer such serious injuries that Arthur was in a dying condition. Before Arthur died, he gave his last message to Bloodhound that he had actually confessed.

Because he wanted revenge, Bloodhound then returned to the place where he first met the monster. Regrettably, his resistance was meaningless because the strength of this monstrous monster was far above his.

After briefly blocking him with debris, he then threw the ax he got from Arthur, into a pipe filled with liquid nitrogen that could slowly freeze the monster. Bloodhound who was in the same state found a mask so as not to freeze with the monster.

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