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The Most Complete Collection of BloodRayne 2 PS2 Cheat Codes in Indonesian

Hobigame Cheat is back with you in an article that contains tips and tricks, guides, to cheats from various popular consoles such as PS2, PC, Mobile, and others. Like the title above, this time we will discuss the BloodRayne 2 PS2 cheat code.

BloodRayne 2 one of the hack and slash genre games that was quite popular in its time. The game was developed by Terminal Reality for Xbox, PC (Microsoft Windows), and PlayStation 2.

In the game, you’ll see Rayne enter a library (called the Blood Library), with several Nazis inside.

There he finds the Brimstone members have been massacred and realizes that his father is a vampire. Then Rayne rushes to confront him to avenge his family’s murder and his mother’s rape, and Kagan teases Rayne by saying he doesn’t recognize him.

Will Rayne succeed in getting his revenge? As a player, of course you alone determine everything. Therefore, we will share the most complete BloodRayne 2 PS2 cheat code to make the game easier. If you are interested please see below.

Complete Collection of BloodRayne 2 PS2 Passwords / Cheats

bloodrayne 2 ps2 password code

*How to use the cheat: To activate the cheat, there are some words that you must highlight. Highlight the words we provide below.

  • 1000 carnage points:
    cargo fire imp sis
  • 1000 gun points:
    late nurture qweef super
  • All combos:
    bone this curry vote
  • All FMV videos:
    super vulgar pension reap
  • All weapons:
    whiskey fake kalow shoot
  • All power:
    blank ugly pustule eater
  • change of clothes:
    whack lick erotic cunningly
  • Enemy explode:
    dodge this moist pimp
  • Filling bloodlust:
    naked juggy resistance pacy
  • Freeze the enemy:
    blue green purple imp
  • God mode:
    uber taint joad durf kwis
  • Choose a level:
    anomalies are juan insulated
  • Master code:
    want this dark reality taint qweef
  • Overload mode:
    this dark distorted reality
  • Loading ammo:
    whack this molested ninja
  • Restore life:
    nurture happy pustule erasure
  • Slideshows:
    aredent hungry naked ninja
  • Funding time:
    quantum lamentdistorted
  • Unlimited ammo:
    ugly dark heated orange quaff
  • Unlimited anger:
    pimp reap dark dark muse
  • Unlimited lives:
    uber xx vacate super reality terminal

That’s the BloodRayne 2 PS2 cheat code that we can share. By using the cheat above, hopefully it can help you to finish the game easily. Interested in reading the latest Indonesian PS2 Cheat articles?

If you have tips, suggestions or criticism, please submit via email or Hobigame’s social media account. There are still many articles about game cheats that will be discussed, so keep an eye on this website.

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