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The Latest PUBG Mobile Season Presents Toy Robots

PUBG Mobile will entering the 13th season again will hold the latest update to continue to provide events interesting for the players. In the latest update this time from PUBG Mobile right now, they present something different which is Carton Rangers.

In this latest update, PUBG will present a toy robot named Carton Rangers accompanied by events other interesting things with a variety of prizes on offer. In this event, you will assemble a robot named Carton Ranger in order to get attractive prizes.

This toy is like a puzzle that requires the parts needed to assemble Carton Rangers can be obtained by completing the missions that have been provided. By completing these missions you can get one Carton Rangersthere are various kinds of attractive prizes for players who collect Carton Rangers.

Apart from toy cars, PUBG Mobile also provides an update to the latest weapon skin set called Snow Walker Set which is part of Twilight Hunt Crate. What’s more interesting, there are also Naughty Kitty Setto further add new colors to the existing weapons in PUBG Mobile.

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