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“The Indonesian Team is No Match for the Philippines Team at MSC 2022” Games

Recently, one of the talents from NexPlay EVOS Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio is currently in the spotlight regarding the international Sibol Blacklist formation which is predicted to have a chance to win against the Indonesian MLBB team at the 31st SEA Games. Because of this, he received a lot of criticism from the MLBB community and received some criticism for his statement. In yesterday’s MPL Season 9 semi-final pre-match interview, Omega Esports veteran pro player Billy “Z4pnu” Jazha Alfonso responded to Dogie’s statement that the Indonesian MLBB team was not as strong as he thought.

The debate about the strongest Meta MLBB between the Philippines and Indonesia has become one of the most discussed topics in the MLBB community. Z4pnu also revealed that only Dogie was worried about facing the Indonesian MLBB team.

“I don’t know why he is afraid of the Indonesian team,” say Z4pnu

Not to mention, Z4pnu revealed that his team had conducted scrim sessions with other Indonesian teams. He considered that Dogie’s assumption about Indonesia as the strongest team in MLBB at this time was wrong.

“Even the amateur team in PH also beat the Indonesian team.” Add Z4pnu

Z4pnu stated confidently that the Indonesian team was no match for the Philippines team. No doubt, Omega Esports claimed to have dominated the scrim session against them.

Caster from the Philippines, Santie also thinks so

“I think so too, the results say it all. The last 2022 MSC belonged to the Philippines, we are also M2 and M3 World Champions. They ID team didn’t even reach the final.”

Even so, the debate will still be resolved and proven at the 31st SEA Games and the upcoming MSC 2022. Of course, it will be very interesting to see which region has the most dominant MLBB meta among all participating regions. What do you think?

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