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The Fun of Playing 2 Dimensional Fighting Games on Brawlhalla Android

Want to play games a relatively light fight with colorful characters, but still fun and free of charge? Brawlhalla can be an option. This two-dimensional fighting game takes you to the arena arcade static where you have to beat various opponents to move forward. First released in 2022 and now managed by Ubisoft, Brawlhalla is alternative games 2D battles are quite exciting, including for Android device owners.

Before you download it, first read the following information.

Review Games Brawlhalla

brawlhalla android

What comes to mind when looking at the display Brawlhalla mobile? Super Smash Bros possibility is the answer. This game does look like one of those “cloned” products that wants to emulate success Super Smash Brosbut there are several factors that keep it interesting as a casual game, especially for beginners or those of you who don’t really like Nintendo characters.

The appearance of this game is quite interesting because all the characters look quite colorful and fun to look at. Uniquely, each character has a kind of color code that shows how fragile or weak they are when in a certain arena so that you can determine a more precise strategy in character installation. This makes it quite different compared to similar games, even Super Smash Bros.

Another uniqueness? Brawlhalla offers movement maneuvers that are rare in other similar games, such as triple jumps or the ability to jump over walls without restrictions. The fun thing is, there are players who sometimes show off power ups weird or funny, even though most of the others have power ups normal type. If you’re an expert with combos and techniques, you can launch a unique strategy to beat your opponent.

Characters in Brawlhalla

brawlhalla gameplay

Character Brawlhalla consists of a variety of two-dimensional characters, complete with different types of attacks and weapons. You can choose from various types of fighters, from Ada the secret agent who specializes in weapons, Bodvar the Viking with the sword, Diana the monster hunter with a bow, Jiro the agile ninja, to Petra the prisoner with great physical strength.

Each fighter also has advantages and disadvantages. You should take this aspect into account before choosing them. For example, Jiro who is a ninja is very agile but has armor weak. Gnash fighter is strong with a mace and spear, but not agile. Diana tends to draw on her various lead, but is not spectacular.

Character Brawlhalla quite cute and colorful, but distinguishing them in the arena can be a bit difficult, especially in fierce battles. Some characters have a design that looks like a version chibi from popular characters like Lara Croft and Captain Hook, but all of them are original licensed characters.

Battle Type in Brawlhalla

brawlhalla fighting type

Play Brawlhalla Android gives you the same choice of battle types as the PC, Xbox, and PS versions. Here are several types of battle options for you to choose from:

1. Ranked 1v1

“Standard” type combat where you fight other fighters one-on-one to level up, from the lowest (Tin) to the highest (Platinum).

2. Ranked 2v2

Standard type combat similar to the first point. The difference is, you are side by side with a friend who on line and have a character that is balanced or matches your fighter.

3. 4 Player Free for All

A casual battle where four different players enter one arena, but only one wins.

4. Training Room

Not confident enough to enter the real arena? Want to beat the top players but can’t? Enter the fight in the Training Room. Here, you can practice combinations of movements and various moves. Make sure to read data such as attack effects and fighter statistics so that you are more observant in reading the situation.

5. Local Single Player

The most casual type of battle of all; Local Single Player means you battle bots in three tournament series. Suitable for those who are just starting to play and want to warm up or just want to play while relaxing.

How to Play Brawlhalla on Android

brawlhalla mobile
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Brawlhalla available for free on the Google Play Store and you can directly download it. However, how to play it?

Brawlhalla gameplay basically simple. The goal of the fight is to defeat the opponent in each arena by hitting them repeatedly until the life indicator above the character’s head changes from white to red, black, and finally dies. Each time a character loses, one life will be lost. The winner is the one who lives to the end or collects the most points.

You can move your fighter left and right and up (jump). In addition to control of movement, punches, and kicks, there is a special move mechanism that you can access with a single button when the indicator is fully charged. This special move deals a lot of damage, but it will take you some time for the indicator to fill up again.

During the game, weapons will fall from the sky and you can pick them up to help in the fight. However, each fighter can only pick up weapons whose characteristics suit them. Depending on who your fighter is, you can make them wield two weapons at once. Your character also has three special weapon moves. Apart from weapons, there are also special items such as bombs and traps.

System Requirements Brawlhalla

Want to play now Brawlhalla on your Android device? Make sure the device has the following specifications:

  • Minimum memory 2 GB
  • Intel Core 2 . Processor
  • 64-bit OS
  • Android version 5.0

Brawlhalla can actually be played if your device has at least 1 GB of memory. However, the minimum requirement of 2 GB is useful for anticipating memory fullness and slow motion (lagging).


Brawlhalla it’s not Super Smash Bros., and it looks more like an indie game. The characters also have a basic design that tends to be generic and can be hard to tell apart when the battle is exciting, although they are also colorful and have unique identities and weapons. However, with simple gameplay and options for all types of players, Brawlhalla is an ideal 2D fighting game to pass the time. Free download and play on your Android device!

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