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The Chinese Version of Candy Crush Friends is Closed, Here's Why!

One of the titles from the big Android game franchise, Candy Crush Saga, namely Candy Crush Friends will soon close its service in China.

Where the game has the name Candy Bliss in China.

This game is planned to be withdrawn in mid-May 2022, where this decision was forced to be made due to the publishing contract that had expired.

Reported from gaming phoneCandy Crush party made this announcement on official websitei they are in China. “Due to the agency’s expiring contract period, “Candy Bliss” will be closing its operations. Thank you for your support. Thanks to you, this game is full of life and joy,” Candy Crush wrote in their announcement.

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In their official announcement, it was reported that this game will close its services and servers on May 18 this year. Furthermore, within 24 hours, his party also closed access to downloads, as well as registration of this game.

For players who still have unused items in the game, later they can request a refund for the item.

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