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The Assault Rifle That You Should Try!

Now Call Of Duty: Mobile has presented several weapons such as Machine Gun, Sub Machine Gun and Assault Rifle. Well this time we will discuss weapons that have high accuracy and quite deadly damage. Yup, who else if not the Assault Rifle. Curious ? never mind..



Great damage, who else doesn’t know the AK-47? This weapon is very popular in some Fps games. But the drawback of this weapon is very low accuracy. But with good technique, the AK47 can be a weapon that your opponent fears!

Type 25


Type 25 is one of the most stable Assault Rifle weapons of its class. The resulting damage and accuracy is quite good. Another advantage of Type 25 is that the resulting firerate is very fast which can make the enemy confused. This weapon is very suitable for close or medium combat conditions.


Who would have thought, the weapon that was obtained for the first time since the tutorial has very high accuracy even with less damage than other weapons in its class.
fire rate of this weapon is good enough to be used for beginners

That’s the weapon we recommend for those of you who like Assault Rifle, hopefully it’s useful!

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