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The assassin in action, these are tips for playing Rafael Free Fire

Various Free Fire (FF) characters sometimes make you confused, which is the right person to be your mainstay when playing. That’s the reason you also need to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of each character, including when you want to rely on Raphael Free Fire.

Known as one of the masters of the players, Rafael has skills capable of making him respected and feared by opponents. Supported by the right game strategy, you can maximize Rafael’s role in the team so that it’s easier to reach booyah.

What are the privileges? Rafael Free Fire character this? Check out the full review below.

Rafael Free Fire the Assassin

rafael free fire skills

The assassin is the nickname given to the figure Raphael Free Fire. However, he is not an ordinary assassin because the purpose of his action is solely to protect and ensure justice is on the side of the right people.

Yes, he is described as a mercenary with a noble heart. Since the first, Rafael’s life has never been separated from war and weapons. When he decides to quit his profession and live happily with his family, an enemy from the past comes back to snatch Rafael’s happiness.

He also resumed his old life, namely as a professional assassin. With a large body, a grim expression on his face, and an all-black outfit, Rafael’s figure has succeeded in shrinking the guts of anyone who looks at him. Moreover, if you know skills owned by Raphael.

The Rarely Known Main Strengths of Rafael

rafael free fire character

Dead Silent is skills the main Rafael who can make himself “disappear” from the sights mini map in a span of 8 seconds. Each additional level will affect the time cooldown which is getting shorter.

For example, when skills Rafael is at level 1, he will disappear for 8 seconds, but it takes time cooldown up to 90 seconds. Meanwhile, at the highest level, which is level 6, Rafael remains undetected at mini map for 8 seconds. However, the time to use skills it returns only 40 seconds.

Apart from making Rafael disappear from mini map, Dead Silent will also make a muffled gun sound when the shot is fired. Of course this is an advantage for you to immediately attack your opponent as soon as Rafael activates skills.

Rafael has been around for a long time in FF. However, only a few players are observant enough to realize the advantages of the assassin, as revealed below.

Empower muzzle attachment

Opposite of function silencer that makes a muffled sound, muzzle in charge of increasing the shooting range of the weapon you are using. Automatic, damage produced also increases.

You can take advantage of skills This Rafael by immersing muzzle on the weapon of choice. Try to combine the ability to reduce the sound of Rafael’s gunshots and use muzzle on weapons. That way, you can immediately finish off the enemy quickly and pocket damage which is fantastic.

Take advantage skills active on all main weapons

Usage muzzle nor silencer considered important in your efforts to find a style of play FF. Because of that, the selection of a weapon that can use one attachments that’s an issue in itself.

Pay attention to which are the main weapons that have attachment slots so you can put on muzzle nor silencers. Then, combine it with skills active Rafael when in the right situation.

So, you can execute enemies in silence from a distance or disrupt enemy defenses in close combat. In fact, you can paralyze them quickly without giving your opponent a chance to swarm back.

Rafael Free Fire’s Best Combos

rafael free fire

So, who are the FF characters who are said to be the best combos for the character? Raphael Free Fire?


As the owner of the highest shot accuracy, Laura deserves to be juxtaposed with Rafael. You can take advantage of this combo when attacking with scope. When Rafael disappears and attacks from a distance, Laura can step in and take down enemies in seconds.


You need supplies Energy Points? Try making Miguel as Rafael’s tandem. Every time Rafael acts, he will get an EP from skills released by Miguel. Automatically, your HP will increase slowly until it reaches the end zone.


Andrew comes with skills strengthen Vest. Rafael needed Andrew’s presence toback up if its position is detected by the enemy. Andrew can immediately attack the opponent from close range to ensure Rafael is safe.

Important Tips When Playing Rafael Free Fire

What can you do to get a booyah at the end of the game with Rafael Free Fire? You can try some of the following tips.

Wait for the right time to attack

Rafael’s character was born as a type finishing. Therefore, you can let the enemy attack first. Once there is a gap to enter and kill the opponent, you can activate skills quickly.

Push teammates forward to attack first

You must have shared roles with teammates. Send a friend who uses an attacking character to go first. If the situation is favorable, Rafael can come out to “disappear” and finish off the opponent in silence.

Master the technique finishing to proficient

Rafael indeed only has 8 seconds to disappear from the mini map. However, that span of time is enough to knock out the opponent if you are advanced finishing. Make sure you really have mastered the technique of eliminating the opponent in a short time. One of them is by pocketing a weapon that has range farthest away, like sniper rifle.

Continue upgrade skills to the highest level

You already know that Rafael’s disappearance period remains the same even after leveling up. However, time cooldown which is getting shorter affects your agility and alertness when attacking your opponent. So, keep trying upgrade skills Rafael to the highest level in order to shorten the time cooldown.

Thus a complete review of the figure Raphael Free Fire, skills and the advantages it has, the best combos, and tips to play it so you can get booyah. Are you ready to fight with Rafael?

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