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The Advantages of the AK47 Free Fire Weapon and How to Use It

Weapons are a very important element in the Free Fire game. If you want to win the battle, you have to use the right weapon for the character you are using. Each character has a mainstay weapon and this can be adjusted to suit skills which are owned.

There are 4 types of weapons that you can find in Free Fire, namely Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper, and Shotgun. You can choose one of them to make skills the characters used are more optimal in fighting.

What is AK47 Free Fire?

how to play AK Free Fire

One of the Assault Rifle type weapons is the AK47 Free Fire. In general, the AK47 poses damage tall one. However, needed skills which is good for controlling this weapon. To make the impact even more extraordinary, you can also pair attachments in the form of a damper, muzzle, fore grip, magazineand scope.

When viewed from the statistics, the AK47 has the same level of power as other weapons. However, if the user does not have skills high, the bullets can spread everywhere. AK47 is known for its low accuracy. Therefore, beginners should not use this weapon while playing.

There are 3 options skin AK47 Free Fire that you can use while playing, namely AK47 Flaming Dragon, AK47 Pumpkin Flames, and AK47 Winterland. Each type skin have advantages.

Skins AK47 Flaming Dragon can be obtained for 60 Diamonds. With skin In this case, the AK47’s performance will be even more extraordinary. The damage and rate of fire will increase. This allows you to kill enemies more easily and quickly. Although Magazine is reduced, this will not be too pronounced.

Skins AK47 Winterlands is considered to be skin best AK47 because of the performance it shows. Here, players can get extra damage and accuracy. However, reload speed will decrease. That is, you can kill enemies easily and accurately even if used from a distance.

Skin AK47 Pumpkin Flames is a type skin which is also pretty good. By using skin AK Free Fire, you can add accuracy and rate of fire on weapons. This advantage makes the bullets that are fired will be more optimal. Well, it should be understood that this skin is more suitable in close combat because its range of fire is reduced.

Advantages and disadvantages

best FF characters using AK

The AK47 Free Fire weapon has advantages and disadvantages. By knowing the advantages and disadvantages, you can apply the right playing strategy.

The advantages of AK47 will be maximized if you fight indoors. Damage generated is greater when the bullet is fired at close range. In addition, you don’t really need to rely on accuracy because the opponent’s distance is close.

The weakness of the AK47 is that it has recoil and experience a drastic decrease in accuracy when in mode full auto. Well, in order to shoot accurately, you have to shoot in a way tapping.

AK47 Comparison with Other Rifles

Advantages of ak47

The power of the AK47 is arguably not inferior to other weapons in Free Fire. But when compared, which one is better?

One weapon that is considered to have a balanced power is the Groza. Both are assault rifles with big damage the same if without using skin. Use skin is a way to increase the power of weapons.

The difference between the two lies in the distance of the shot. The Groza has a longer range than the AK47. In addition, the level recoil Groza is lower. It must be admitted, the AK47 is an AR weapon that is difficult to control. Usually this will be felt by players in long-range and long-range battles.

So, if you want to slay enemies at close range with a short battle time, the AK47 is the solution. Instead, choose Groza for different conditions.

AK47 Free Fire is also often compared to SKS FF. in terms of damage the resulting SKS FF is considered stronger. The SKS FF also has a longer range of fire than the AK47. However, Magazine owned by AK47 is arguably superior. Moreover, if pitted at close range, the AK47 weapon is the winner.

In terms of shooting speed, the AK47 is no longer in doubt. Well, the two are just completely balanced in terms of reload speed. For accuracy, the AK47 must recognize the accuracy of the SKS FF shot.

How to Play AK47

AK Free fire skins

You must know how to play AK Free Fire before playing. There are at least 3 things that need to be considered when using this weapon in order to give maximum results.

1. Use Foregrip

Foregrip is one of the attachments which can be used on the AK47. Its function is to reduce recoil. Foregrip can also be used on weapons with recoil another big. Many players like attachments This is because of its very effective use. Nevertheless, skills using a weapon still has an effect on the outcome of the shot.

2. Use Single Mode

Apart from using Foregrip to reduce recoil, another effort that you can do is to update the way to shoot the enemy. Players are not advised to press while shooting, but with style tapping.

This pressing force can make recoil more and more despite using Foregrip. Also, make sure to use single mode when in auto mode. It can provide aim the best on AK47 weapons.

3. Do Headshot

Another tip that you need to apply when using the AK47 is to aim as much as possible at the enemy’s head (headshot). If it hits the enemy’s head, damage the output will be very large. This can be the first step for you to attack the enemy. After the first shot, it will be easy to defeat the enemy.

So, are you going to use AK47 Free Fire to strengthen your inner character? games which is played? Know the advantages and disadvantages and make the most of it. To get accessories games as well as this weapon, you can buy Diamonds first with top up on UniPin. Have a nice play!

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