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The 13 Best Free Android Rhythm Games of 2022 That Train Your Fingers

Rhytm games don’t always shine, but there are lots of rhythm games that still have a strong community today, call them Osu or Muse Dash.

Besides that, genre games like this also often appear on every platform and not to be missed is Android. Of course some of these games feel very ordinary and do not have uniqueness, but not a few also present a different Rhythm game than usual.

So for those of you who like rhythm games, we have provided a list of the 13 best Android rhythm games in 2022 that train your fingers.

1. Arcaea

Arcaea Rhythm Game

Arcaea is a game made by lowiro. you like the style of the game very much with Anime characters maybe this game can be your main choice. Not to mention that the songs presented are also very Japanese, be it vocaloid or remix.

For gameplay problems, there is nothing new, as usual you just have to press with time so that you get more points. And also to play the rhythm game you need to gitgud every song.

2. Dynamix

Game Rhythm Dynamix

This time we discuss Dynamix, a game made by C4Cat has a uniqueness in its game. That is the angle from where you have to squeeze or the point part has 3 sides which you could say the difficulty level gets even crazier if you increase the ingame difficulty level.

But for the problem of songs for you Asian-style EDM lovers, maybe this game is perfect for you. Or maybe for those of you who are really looking for a challenge in the Rythm game, there’s no harm in trying this one game.

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