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Tencent Finally Adds A Schoolboy Skin For Astrid!

Finally, waiting for a long time, now Astrid gets a new skin for the schoolgirl version. Previously, Neng Astrid only had 2 skins, namely Slugger and Regnant. Now Tencent has added another Skin for Astrid who is included in the Schoolchildren category, along with Murad, Quillen, Butterfly, Violet and Krixi.

Possibly Astrid will be the cover of the School Children’s edition of the Skin. Why ? at first glance, Neng Astrid was elected as class president. In order, Tencent introduced him from the bottom to the top, from ordinary students to the Student Council President, which started with Krixi Skipper Class, Murad Prep School, Quillen and Violet Student Council President. Of course, the last position of class president was Astrid.

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