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Survival Horror Game "SIGNALIS" Shows Their First Trailer

Last week a new game studio that came from Germany surprised some of the gaming community, with their first project called signalist.

In this horror adventure, we will play a character named Elster through an abandoned underground laboratory. Creepy creatures await us there as in this dystopian technology adventure the line between reality and fiction is blurred.


After his ship lands on a deserted planet covered in snow, the Elster Replica searches for its missing crew member. In his quest he wanders through the ruins of a seemingly abandoned underground labor camp, and flashbacks to a past that doesn’t belong to him. As the lines between reality and dream become blurred, Elster must venture deep beneath the planet’s surface to find out what happened to her and why.

Signalis will be coming to Steam, but they didn’t/have not set a release date. If you are interested, don’t forget to add it to your wishlist.

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