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Strategy for Playing Magic Chess for Beginners, Ready for Battle!

Know right Mobile Legend now has auto battler games? Yes, Moonton released Magic Chess on January 24, 2022 along with the mini trend games of several esports popular. For Mobile Legend lovers, you can access it from the mode Arcade in the MLBB menu.

To answer the curiosity of auto battler game First, consider the following reviews.

Get acquainted with Magic Chess, Come on!

how to play magic chess

Since it’s still under the umbrella of Mobile Legend, games it leverages existing assets and universes. According to the genre, auto battler focus on combinations and strategies that can maximize the player’s hero pieces.

The battle arena is in the form of boxes like a chessboard measuring 6 x 7. Right at the start of the game, you are directly faced with seven other players. The winner of the match is determined by who can survive to the end. Players must arrange hero formations to combine the synergistic effects of each hero they have.

There are several phases that you will go through in this game.

First, Choice of Fate. At this stage the player gets 3 heroes starter randomly assigned. The selection of the hero is done through a numbered ball of choice.

Next, the Sanctuary Guardian. In this phase you will be challenged to face wave which contains creeps. Not only fighting with other players, you will be competing against creeps in the middle of the game.

Oh yeah, one thing that needs attention is every damage which has an impact on commander alias makes the opponent’s HP decrease, will be calculated according to the star or level. Plus, the calculation also involves the combination effect and synergy of each hero in the game deck your current game.

Beginner’s Special Play Strategy

how to play magic chess ml

Have fun playing games this is just imagined if you immediately open the application and activate this game. However, you should have equipped yourself with a series of beginner-specific playing strategies that will help you be ready for battle.

This is a cheat strategy Magic Chess beginners only.

1. Prepare the hero accordingly combo synergy

In this game you will meet the synergy feature, which is commonly used in games auto battler. Synergy rules can create effects combo so as to smoothen your steps to achieve victory.

Each synergy is built according to role hero dan faction. You can only activate this effect after collecting the desired heroes in the game decks. The main principle, you must have several heroes with role or faction similar to make combo this synergy.

If you don’t want to bother, try to look at the existing synergies and adjust yourself first. Also check the available hero recommendations via the thumbs up in the menu Shop.

2. Pay attention to the position of the hero

Do you know that heroes have different attack and defense styles? That’s why you must understand their character before setting up the inner formation deck game. Do it before starting to compete by following these guidelines.

  • Heroes who are good at melee attacks (Tank, Wrestler, Fighter) can be placed on the front line.
  • The Assassin hero type should be positioned behind the center line. They have the expertise to attack enemy heroes who stay in the rear position.
  • Heroes who are good at long-range attacks (Mage and Marksman) are positioned on the back line. Range Their attacks are far away so it’s best to avoid direct contact with opposing heroes on the front lines.
  • For heroes who have skills large area, position them in the center of the formation. Skills what they have can help you conquer more enemies.

3. Prioritize adding hero stars

The higher the star hero you use, the better and increases too stats the hero in question. You could say this star level is similar leveling. However, considering that the hero status increases according to the number of stars, it is recommended that you maximize the existing hero stars before starting to build synergies combo one hero with another hero.

4. Activate commander skills maximally

Slightly different from the usual game mode, in Magic Chess You will always be accompanied by a funny commander figure. However, behind his cuteness, the commander had skills which will be useful and you can maximize when fighting.

You have to be good at determining which commander right fit gameplay currently owned. Remember that each commander can also cooldown, but only use it in an emergency.

5. Avoid tripe out gold in one round

This is one of the important notes that beginners must know when playing auto battler. Income gold on each turn will give you extra points interest. As much as possible avoid tripe out gold in one rounds.

However, it’s best to set it aside gold at least 10 or multiples thereof. With this number you can get more additional income in the next round. More and more gold in your pocket, you will be more free to combine heroes.

6. Vary some synergies

As mentioned above, synergy is the most important feature that you must explore when playing in the game games this. The reason is, this feature is able to strengthen the hero formation that you have compiled.

Once you have successfully built a similar hero synergy, don’t delay adding one or two other synergies. Try searching combo synergy that is in line with the synergy that you have now.

The more variety of synergies, the more choices you can make. In short, you have complete provisions to survive in all situations and build a strategy to conquer your opponent.

7. Install equipment according to the hero you have

Empower equipment also important you know. Usage equipment in the arena can increase the strength of your hero. However, make sure if it’s true equipment it matches role the hero you are currently using.

Where can you get equipment this? You can get it from fate box when passing turn certain or jungle monsters that you managed to beat. You can also buy equipment with gold which has been bagged.

After understanding the game strategy Magic Chess for beginners, now is the time to execute the tricks above. Make sure your Diamond account is filled before playing. Looking for a practical way? Just slide into UniPin and enjoy the easy way top up Diamond Mobile Legend now!

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