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Stardew Valley Holds Esports Tournament!

Sometimes everyone needs a refreshing after a long day. Where playing games with a relaxed theme is one of the right choices for this.

There are many games that are designed to be played casually and have the goal of just having fun. One of the games that most people almost play to relax is of course Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is hosting an Esports tournament!

Stardew Valley Holds Esports Tournament
Stardew Valley | Gameindo

This farming simulation game is very suitable when you want to relax when you are tired of doing an excessive activity. Having existed for a long time and growing older, Stardew Valley shows no signs of ending like the others.

The older it gets, the more this farming simulation game shows its fangs. Which is not only for fun, but has also become one of the games that supports cooperative multiplayer in it.

Prizes 575 million rupiah!

That’s right, recently Stardew Valley has officially announced that it will hold an Esports tournament. This tournament also has a fairly large prize of USD 40 thousand or equivalent to IDR 575 million.

Interestingly, this prize also came directly from the developer of Stardew Valley – ConcernedApe. This inaugural tournament will use an invitation system and compete with a team consisting of highly dedicated and well-known Stardew Valley players.

For the tournament format itself, each team will compete to complete as many as 100 available challenges, each of which will offer different points based on the level of difficulty.

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