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Special Tactics to Defeat Harith Mobile Legends

Harith is one of the new mages in Mobile Legends. Harith’s main ability is to move quickly while dealing continuous damage. This ability is obtained by Harith because he has an Age of Force which will reduce the cooldown of all his skills when Harith stands on it.

Due to the Age of Force as well, Harith becomes difficult to kill and very annoying if left alive for too long. Your team might be thrown into chaos just because Harith is alone. That’s why in this article we provide tips to beat Harith from the start.

Special Tactics to Defeat Harith

1. Beat it from the start

Harith does not have very large damage in the early game, therefore you can beat him from the start as long as you are careful about the possibility of ganking or support from teammates. Ambush Harith if needed, or use a hero assassin who can move quickly while dealing large burst damage.

If you can do this right, Harith won’t have the damage he needs in mid game so he’ll have a hard time scaling or snowballing his team.

2. Increase Crowd Control Hero

No matter how strong Harith was, he was still a mage. That means he has a thin HP and is quite weak when it comes to crowd control. Well, if you already know this, you can double the number of crowd control in your team. If necessary, all the heroes who
used by your team to have crowd control or at least mini stun to dispel Harith.

With this many crowd control, Harith users can’t just open the ultimate and jump here and there. Harith will always be on guard and think twice when he wants to attack his opponent. Because, wrongly, he will die silly because he is hit by various crowd controls owned by the opposing team.

3. Destroy from Front

As we said in the first part, Harith is not very strong in the early game, so you can hit Harith from the front and prevent this little mage from scaling. To beat Harith from the front you can use other mages who have deadly damage such as Lunox or Alice.

Keep chasing wherever Harith is doing farming. Do not give him the opportunity to develop, if necessary until he becomes a feeder for his team.

Special Equipment Against Harith

1. Athena’s Shield

Your enemy is a mage who can move places very quickly? It means that you most likely need Athena’s Shield which is a defense item with the greatest magic resistance in the game.

In addition to providing magic resistance, Athena’s Shield also provides a shield that will increase with the user’s level. It’s really fun, right, there’s been a reduction in magic damage, still added with a shield that absorbs all the damage directed at your hero.

2. Immortality

It is also an equipment that has magic resistance, although not as big as Athena’s Shield. In exchange for these shortcomings, Immortality has what is known as Immorat. Yes, you read correctly, Immortality will revive your hero one more time when you die.

Immortal Skills have a fairly long cooldown, which is 180 seconds. Therefore, make sure your Immortal is used properly and if you can, turn things around. Author riza Kurniawan

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