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So that Clint's Hero is More Effective in Attacking Opponents, Know This!

Hero Clint is one of the hero which you can use in the Mobile Legends game. This hero acts as a Marksman. His appearance is identical to that of a cowboy hat carrying a gun. In the game, penetration ability hero Clint to opposing teams like Moskov and Lesley.

As hero old, Clint had time to get buff and have the opportunity to become a top-class Marksman. It was caused by the change skills which he has. Originally, he had skills Blind Smoke, then replaced with Quick Draw, which shoots 5 bullets at the target.

With patches Most recently from Clint, players can become Marksman who are quite useful for the team, such as Claud and Yi Sun Shin. However, players must be able to attack at the right time.

Hero Clint’s Strengths and Weaknesses

clint mobile legend

What are the advantages? hero What do you need to know about Clint Mobile Legend? Come on, see the following review.

For those of you who use hero Clint in the Mobile Legends game, know his main advantage, which is to produce damage on early games. This advantage is rarely owned hero Marksman type.

Ability to create damage at the start of the game comes from skills His passive is Double Shot. With skills this, damage from Basic Attack can increase up to 135%. Because of that, Clint can also do farming and finish hero opponent quickly.

Furthermore, hero Clint MLBB is also famous for his agility when moving. This advantage is certainly beneficial for the team. The reason Clint was so agile was because skills Trapping Recoil it has.

With skills that, Clint could use the effect blink in any direction. Hero the opponent is very difficult to do lock against Clint. Escape from the pursuit of the enemy is an easy thing for hero this.

Crowd Control effect owned hero Clint classified as deadly. This makes it easy for Clint to lock up and kill opponents. To get this effect, players must use the Trapping Recoil and Grenade Bombardment skills. Second blend skills it will produce effect immobilize at the same time effect slow.

  • Basic Attack with Wide Range

Don’t underestimate the Basic Attack owned by Clint’s hero. It turns out, the range of skills this is very far. Clint got this ability from skills passive namely Double Shot.

Apart from the advantages, hero Clint also has a number of drawbacks. Therefore, you need to consider a few things before using it.

One of the shortcomings of Clint’s hero is the ability durability or low resistance. Because it’s easy to kill, Clint can’t be relied on to war in the long term.

The thing that makes durability Clint is considered low because hero it doesn’t have magical defense and physical attributes. In order not to be easily killed by the enemy, Clint must be able to maintain a safe distance from the target.

Another drawback that Clint has is that the game is difficult to master. No wonder players who use hero Clint has the potential to be a burden to his team.

To master skills pinned on hero Clint, the player must have high finger speed. Players also need to hone strong instincts in order to hit the target. Well, you can practice using hero Clint on mode custom to become more proficient.

The second drawback of Clint is the effect lifesteal The low one. This makes it difficult for Clint to kill Lord. Cause of low effect lifesteal it could be caused by slow attack speed, long cooldown skill, or wrong choice build. You can solve this by using items Endless Battle or Bloodlust Ax.

You also need to be careful when using hero This is because it is easy to counter. There are some hero who can beat Clint ML quickly, either when war or farming, namely mainly Assassin and Mage types.

How to Play Hero Clint in Game

clint mlbb

So that Clint’s hero can maximize his advantages in the game, you need to know the right playing tips. Check the following tips:

The first step is to recognize skills owned by hero Clint and his uses in the game. Each hero in Mobile Legends is usually equipped with 4 skills main. For Clint, skills His passive is Double Shot. Besides, there are skills Quick Draw, Trapping Recoil, and Grenade Bombardment.

Find out what the impact will be if hero use skills the. Also train how to use skills in the game in order to create damage maximum.

Apart from taking advantage of skills to eradicate the opponent in Mobile Legends, hero can also get stronger with build right. Well, choice build the right one will help hero Clint becomes more powerful. On the other hand, if you choose build wrong, hero can be weak.

Well, specifically for Clint you can choose build items Swift Boots, Endless Battle, Berserker’s Fury, Immortality, Scarlett Phantom, and Blade of Despair. With items At this point, Clint’s strength was definitely extraordinary.

  • Don’t Open Map and Open War

Because durability low, Clint is often the target of opponents. However, there are things one should not do to avoid hero as a victim, that is open map and open war. The reason is because Clint can be killed easily.

Don’t play barbarically even though you have damage great at the start of the game. Clint should also not do farming yourself at the end of the game so you don’t get killed.

Well, here are the advantages and disadvantages hero Clint at play. You can also overcome its weaknesses with some of the tips just discussed. Don’t forget, use build items appropriate for optimal strength. To buy items required, top up first on UniPin. The method is easy and practical. Good luck.

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