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Snoopy Puzzle Journey, a Mobile Game made by Capcom that you can pre-register!

Game Made by Capcom Snoopy puzzle Journey

Now Capcom is back in the realm of Mobile in March 2022, after previously they released the Street Fighter IV Champion Edition Game in 2022. Although previously Capcom had been on hiatus after a while, the new game that will be released on the Android and IOS platforms is Snoopy Puzzle Journey. You can pre-register this free-to-play Mobile Puzzle game from now on through the Google Play Store, App Store, and Amazon App Store.

The gameplay of the Snoopy Puzzle Journey Game where you will be faced with various blocks and colors, you also have to destroy the blocks to get Points by pressing 3 or more blocks that are lined up with the same color. You will also be invited to travel around the world when you complete the Stage, Snoopy can also wear cultural clothes from various countries, you know!

In addition, players will see various characters from the cartoon series Peanuts, Snoopy and their friends who have provided various levels in the game.

For the release schedule on the Android and IOS platforms, Capcom will release the Snoopy Puzzle Game The Journey in 59 countries on March 3, 2022. Don’t forget to pre-register for those of you who want to be waiting for this new game from Capcom!

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