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Slow Phone? These are 7 Easy Ways to Play PUBG on PC

Are you the competitive type of PUBG player? You may be more comfortable playing on a PC than a cellphone, especially if your cellphone is a slow type. Unfortunately, playing on a PC often brings problems, ranging from deteriorating graphics, broken resolution, to slow (lagging). Fortunately, there are several how to play PUBG mobile on PC so that you don’t have to get annoyed often because you play on a small and slow phone screen.

Here are some methods of playing PUBG on the computer!

1. Play PUBG Lite

how to play pubg lite pc

PUBG Lite is an alternative to playing PUBG mobile on PC for beginners or those with low-spec computers. Presented for the first time in Indonesia in early 2022, PUBG Lite was deliberately made for players with slow computers or laptops. As the name implies, the Lite version has features that are adjusted to make it lighter and less burdensome on your computer.

What’s the difference between PUBG Lite and regular? Some obvious differences include a smaller map, the loss of some areas such as Military Base and Pochinki, up to the ability to accommodate only 40 players (regular PUBG can accommodate up to 100 players). However, PUBG Lite data is only about 30 MB and you can play on computers with 2 GB of RAM and below.

How can you play PUBG mobile on PC using the Lite version? Just register with your email address and download PUBG Lite before installing it on your computer. Create an account and username as usual before playing. Even though it’s light, PUBG Lite has a few drawbacks, namely the graphics quality that drops dramatically if your computer’s specifications are too low.

2. Mirroring

cheap way to play pubg mobile on pc

PUBG mobile is a popular free-to-play option, but what if you want to play it on the big screen? Use the app mirroring! As the name implies, this application displays the game from your phone screen to your computer. After that, you can use keyboard and mouse with more flexibility to control the game.

Application mirroring there are free and paid ones, but if you want to play without the hassle of ads or broken resolutions, we recommend choosing the paid one. ApowerMirror, MirrorGo, and Vysor are examples of apps mirroring popular that many PUBG players use.

3. Cloud Streaming

pubg mobile cloud streaming

Lazy to download applications and fill the PC memory? Use cloud streaming as easy way to play PUBG mobile on PC. You need a stable internet connection to connect your computer screen to the system cloud which provides the game. This internet connection must also remain on for as long as you play.

Cloud streaming it is relatively less than ideal if you only rely on quotas. However, the provider cloud gaming now many are based in Indonesia, for example Skyegrid and GameQoo. Both offer hundreds of popular games to play using an internet connection, not just PUBG. The cost is relatively cheap and you don’t need an internet connection that is too fast to play through the local system.

4. Play with Bluestacks

pubg mobile bluestacks

Bluestacks is an emulator, that is, a tool that allows you to play PUBG versions mobile on the PC screen. Bluestacks is made especially for Android and gives you pretty good graphics quality. You can also play hundreds of Android games on your computer, not just PUBG. Bluestacks is also free, has a large screen display, and allows you to play several games at a time!

As cheap way to play PUBG mobile on PC, Bluestacks also has some drawbacks. If your computer specs are too low, the device will heat up quickly and the game may slow down (lagging). Pass control mouse It’s also a little difficult on this emulator compared to playing on mobile.

5. Remote Play

how to play pubg mobile on pc 2020

Do you have a PlayStation 4? Use the Remote Play feature to be able to play on a PC. The principle is similar to cloud streaming, but you use a special application to connect PS4 with PC. You also have to have a fairly stable internet connection (Wi-Fi) so that the game doesn’t get interrupted during the fun times.

PS4 owners can get extra benefits from using Remote Play compared to cloud streaming. You can access games that are pre-installed on your PlayStation system, so you don’t have to pay a fee cloud streaming each month. The graphics quality is also relatively good so it doesn’t interfere with the game. Make sure your computer has at least Windows 7 OS to run games with maximum.

6. Play with Tencent Gaming Buddy

pubg mobile on pc

Tencent Gaming Buddy is popular as how to play PUBG mobile on PC 2022 using emulators. Unlike other emulator products, Tencent Gaming Buddy was indeed released as an official product for PUBG. You can use various features such as video camera, keymaps, as well as multiple windows to play two games at once.

Because it is an official emulator, Tencent Gaming Buddy offers fairly easy controls for the game using keyboard as well as mouse. How to download it is also easy and can be understood by anyone, even if you are still classified as “untechnical”. For the enthusiast gamesyou can also play games others such as Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, Ragnarok Mobile, and so on.

7. Play with MEmu

easy way to play pubg mobile on pc

Tencent Gaming Buddy too heavy for your PC? Try a more low-spec computer-friendly emulator, such as MEmu. You can use this emulator on PCs with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. The interface is also easy to navigate so it doesn’t have to be confusing even for first-time users. The upload and installation process is also relatively fast.

While the performance is pretty good, you might find MEmu a little slow when you first start it up. However, after a few minutes, you should usually be able to play smoothly without slowing down too much (lagging). The RAM is only 1 GB, so you can’t store too much files. MEmu is also more suitable for desktop PCs, not laptops, as they can consume a lot of energy.

Your phone is not comfortable to play PUBG? There are several other tips shared by some pubg mobile youtubers for optimization of play, Choose a method that suits your budget and needs. Just because your phone is slow, doesn’t mean you can’t play PUBG comfortably!

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