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SKS Free Fire, Efficient Long Range Weapon

SKS Free Fire is one of the weapons included in the group Assault Rifle. This long-barreled rifle is superior in terms of damage produced and above-average shooting range.

Another advantage is that it has been equipped with 4x scope. So, you no longer need to add attachments. For those who want to attack the enemy from a distance, the SKS weapon can be an option.

Get to know SKS Free Fire Weapons

sks free fire weapon

By using SKS weapons, you can create damage which is great when attacking the enemy. Range what this weapon has to offer is also the farthest in the weapon class Assault Rifle.

Another advantage lies in the accuracy of the shot. Nevertheless, reload speedits standard. So as rate of fire which tends to be of lower value. The aspect that is very lacking in this weapon is its ammunition. So you should take advantage of attachments or choose skin who can add magazine.

Best Skins for SKS

skins sks free fire

Skins weapons in Free Fire not only change their appearance, but also provide additional abilities. There are some skin Credits that you can choose.

1. Skin SKS Urban Rager

To get Skins SKS Urban Rager, you have to pay with 18 Diamonds. The advantage of this skin is that it adds rate of fire on weapons. However, by using skin In this case, you must also be prepared to lose ammunition. The appearance of the weapon matches the character of Jota, which is yellow with brown and black accents.

2. Skin SKS Master of Minds

To buy skin SKS Master of Minds, you must have 35 Diamonds. With this skin, the weapon’s ability to shoot at long distances will be even more fierce. Along with it, reload speedis reduced. That way, players can take a more distant position when shooting.

3. SKS Cheetah Skin: Claw

Price skin SKS Cheetah: Claw is priced equivalent to 35 Diamonds. Utility skin this is giving extra damage on SKS weapons. The part that is sacrificed is the smaller ammunition.

4. Skin SKS Hysteria

Type skin This SKS weapon is rare and can only be obtained at special times. To get it, you need to do spin with a capital of 9 Diamonds. Superiority skin SKS Hysteria is to increase damage and accuracy. This is very much needed by the SKS Free Fire weapon to defeat the enemy.

Comparison of SKS with Other Weapons

credit ff

There are several other types of weapons in the group Assault Rifle which has a power comparable to the SKS. In order to choose the weapon that best suits your needs, know which one is better based on its stats.

1. Credit and AWM

Which is better between SKS and AWM weapons? Both are commonly used for long-range shots. Nevertheless, the ability of AWM is arguably still superior to that of SKS. Likewise in terms of damage generated, the AWM is quite extraordinary. The accuracy of the shots far exceeds the SKS weapon.

However, AWM lost in terms of rate of fire, reload speedand magazine. So, this one weapon is not very suitable to be relied on at close range. Also, you can only use AWM to shoot fixed targets. SKS can be more effective because it is equipped with scope.

2. SKS and M14

SKS and M14 weapons are also much compared because they both have stats that look balanced. However, if you pay attention damage and range offered by the SKS gun is higher than the M14. On the other hand, the M14 excels in terms of rate of fire and shot accuracy.

This means that the SKS is more effective in remote conditions than the M14. If forced to fight at close range, the M14 can still be relied on because of its higher fire accuracy.

3. SKS and M82B

Another type of weapon that has advantages like the SKS is the M82B. This weapon has damage big and range far away. However, the difference with the SKS lies in its excellent near-perfect accuracy. Like SKS, the rate of fire and reload speed are average. Interestingly, the M82B can be used to penetrate ice walls.

Tips for Using SKS Weapons

ff credit ability

Using SKS Free Fire without skills Of course, the results of the shot will not be optimal. Therefore, you can try to apply some of the following tips for playing with SKS weapons.

1. Use at medium and long range

From the stats it had, the SKS weapon was almost like a mix between Assault Rifle and sniper. Therefore, this weapon is very suitable for use in mid-range or long-range combat. In addition, with the advantages armor penetration possess, you can kill the enemy using vest.

Another reason is because SKS weapons have rate of fire which is very good. So, you don’t need to swipe tracking of shooting in order to get the enemy precisely.

2. Can be used for poker

What’s that poke? This is an activity on Free Fire that aims to reduce the enemy’s HP slowly. This activity can be done from a safe distance. However, the impact is that the enemy can panic because of an attack. Well, SKS is a more effective weapon if used for pokenot kill the enemy quickly.

3. Combine with melee weapons

Another thing you can do to optimize your player’s strength is equip yourself with melee weapons. As is known, the SKS weapon is very effective at close range. However, if the enemy approaches, you must have the means to defend yourself. You can choose SMG or SG which is deadly if used at close range.

That’s a review of the SKS Free Fire weapon that you need to know. To get this weapon and equip it with skin nor attachments appropriate, you need to have Diamonds. Top up first via UniPin for an exciting gaming experience.

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