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Show New Gameplay, Forspoken Release Spring 2022

Forspoken, a game produced by Luminous Productions using the Luminous Engine, has shared a little picture regarding the game. Square Enix is ​​again ready to return to the surface through Forspoken next year.

That’s right, in the recent PlayStation Showcase event, Square Enix has again shared information regarding Forspoken. This information itself is in the form of a new gameplay and release schedule for their game.

A woman named Frey

The trailer shows the main character Frey as she enters the beautiful but dangerous world of Athia. According to information, Freya herself was a very strong young woman.

He still survives despite having been raised roughly in New York City. Of course this difficulty did not end just like that, which he would soon turn 21 years old. According to the story, he will suddenly move to a world called Athia.

Launch spring 2022

Show New Gameplay Forspoken Spring 2022 Release
Forspoken | IGN

Well, Athia itself is a land where fantasies and nightmares suddenly become very real. Charlie’s Angels Ella Balinska will be the voice of this woman named Frey. Later he will have magical powers to defeat monsters across the land.

In addition, he will compete with Tantas, as a very strong person and dominates Athia. Forspoken was first introduced by Square Enix as Project Athia in 2022.

Now, the game is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022 without a definite release date. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

sources: IGN

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