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Senna and Aphelios Get Nerf Back!

After the arrival of LoL patch 9.24 late last year, Aphelios has received some pretty significant nerf, once played into the game it still feels pretty strong. He is always included in the pick list which is more than 95% in the LCS and LEC Spring 2022 tournaments, besides being very difficult to use he belongs to the category of heroes that is effectively played in his current state.

In his latest patch that is currently being tested on the MOBA game PBE, Riot made some pretty big adjustments to the three weapon abilities of Aphelios. Severum’s life steal has been reduced to 3-20% down from 8-25%, and the durability that Infernum can inflict has dropped considerably, from 45% to only 30%.

While Aphelios and Senna are currently the best Champions League of Legends you can play, these changes are expected to balance them out in the next patch.

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