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Saki Magic Chess Tutorial, Cute Commander with Amazing Powers

Magic Chess was announced as a new Arcade mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) since January 2022. Moonton—as the company that initiated it—revealed that this mode could be played by eight people with several choices of heroes. One of the newest heroes is Saki Magic Chess.

Saki’s character plays the role of Little Commander in a chessboard-shaped battle field. The size of the chessboard is 42 square meters. In order to win the game, players must be able to control all conditions on the field using creative strategies.

Who is Saki and what form of power does Magic Chess players consider terrible? Come on, read the full discussion below!

Getting to know Saki Commander Magic Chess

saki commander magic chess

Saki is a commander of Lunox in the form of a little hairy girl pink and dressed in blue. It has butterfly wings on its back, a pair of antennae, and a flower wand. With that appearance, Saki looked cute on the outside.

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Saki has three unique abilities that can be used against enemies on the battlefield. To get this ability, you have to unlock skin or pass a certain level.

If you want to have Saki, you have to collect battle points (BP) or diamonds (DM). Minimum package for purchases using BP, starting from 15,000. While the maximum limit is 24,000 BP.

You can also get Saki with packages diamonds as much as 399-499 DM. To buy skinnya, provide 269 DM diamonds obtained from time-limited competitions or achievements games.

Besides skinyou can get Saki Magic Chess combo to increase its strength. For Saki, make sure the synergy combo matches blessing obtained.

Skills Saki Magic Chess

saki magic chess skill

Saki has three skill which can be activated in battle. Here is the third explanation skills the.

1. Stagnation Flower

Saki summoned Stagnation Flower to chessboard to fight the enemy. When eliminated, the flower petals fall. At that instant, there was a paralyzed effect on surrounding enemies for five seconds.

However, Stagnation Flower could not attack the enemy. This ability is only used as a defense against damage skills.

2. Retribution Flower

Retribution Flower forms immune to damage skills, but has no attack ability. When Saki needed it, a Retribution Flower was summoned to enter chessboard.

When the enemy takes out skillshis, Retribution Flower is able to give 10% HP for magic damage.

3. Blessing Flower

Skills next is Blessing Flower which can summon Shield Flower to chessboard. Shield Flower will bloom after 12 seconds of battle. With the blooming of the Shield Flower, the team’s hero gets protection equal to 30% Max HP.

Tips for Using Saki Magic Chess

saki magic chess skin

To win the match in chessboardyou can use some of the following tips for playing Saki.

1. Understand How The Third Works Skills

First tip; make sure you know the details of how it works skills Saki. For example, for the Stagnation Flower skill, it is fully functional when Saki is on the front line. The reason is, this ability can withstand the enemy’s Attack Speed.

However, Stagnation Flower can also be used in the rear row. Its function is to prevent hero assassin of the enemy.

In addition, understand the function skills Retribution Flower, which is to strengthen lineup output. Final; if you enter the late game, use Blessing Flower. Effect shield on skills this can reduce magic damage from the opponent.

2. Select Synergy right

If you want to win the match, make sure your hero is activated synergy. There are two types synergy, namely Role and Faction. For hero Saki, usually uses synergy faction.

Synergy Faction for Saki should be able to increase survival. For example, namely Weapon Master, Guardian, and Nature Spirit.

Weapon measter is a Faction that can be active if you have more than three hero role fighter. when active, synergy this can restore HP up to 25% of damage. If there are six hero who reach Weapon Master, HP recovery can reach 65% of damage.

The next is synergy Guardian that has the effect of increasing physical defense by 120. To strengthen, Guardian is often combined with Elf. So, players can get a 50% chance to give 70% splash damage to 5 targets.

Type synergy The third match for Saki was Nature Spirit. In the early version, Nature Spirit was able to give regen HP to hero other. Because of that, now the effect can even out everyone’s HP hero at synergy Nature Spirit.

Not only that, Nature Spirit can protect hero maximally by reducing damage opponent. If damage decreases, Saki’s chance to win is getting bigger. The reason is, Saki doesn’t die easily in matches.

Unfortunately, Nature Spirits only function as synergy supporters. Its main function is to dispel opponents who try to attack the players in the back row.

Nature Spirit also has a weakness, that is multiple target. With multiple target, blood from hero you get drained easily. In the end, comes a barrage of attacks that can be deadly.

3. Pay Attention to Gold Stock

Third tip; you must always monitor rewards Gold in every round. The amount of Gold can be seen in the upper right corner. Later, the Gold can be used for upgrade hero.

If you already have enough Gold, hero upgrades sufficiently. After upgradeyou can use synergy to maximize hero skills.

4. Make sure the gold is in the numbers 10 and 20

If you are able to maintain Gold at 10 and 20, each turn will generate interest points. Usually, Gold number 10 gets 2 additional Gold. Then, the number 20 gets an additional 4 Gold.

5. Prioritize Stars Hero

When playing hero in chessboardyou will find the choice to make synergy or stars. For this, first make a star. Because, star hero can support skillsin winning the match.

Star hero provide full power so that the opponent is difficult to beat you. Besides that, stats hero Saki Magic Chess will increase as the number of stars increases.

Thus a brief review about Saki Magic Chesscommander latest in MLBB with awesome flower power. Come on, get it hero Saki with top up diamonds on UniPin now and claim your victory in the arena!

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