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RRQ Boss Pak AP's Response Regarding Z4pnu's remarks that underestimated the Indonesian Team Games

RRQ Team CEO Andrian “AP” Pauline gave his response regarding Billy “Z4pnu” statement by Jazha Alfonso. One of the Philippines’ mobile legends who underestimated the Indonesian team participating in the 2022 MSC and 2022 SEA Games.

In an interview at the MPL PH Season 9 play-off, Z4pnu revealed that the Indonesian team is not a threat, especially the Philippines team and even the amateur teams always make it difficult for the Indonesian team in scrim.

As CEO of the MSC 2022 participating team and the backbone of the 2022 MLBB SEA Games national team, RRQ Hoshi, Andrian said, Z4pnu’s statement was too much. He considered too arrogant when the Filipino amateur team easily beat the Indonesian team and the Filipino team often slaughtered the Indonesian team in scrim

“I saw that maybe they were too arrogant (psywar Z4pnu), so they said an amateur team from the Philippines could beat the Indonesian team easily and in the scrim they massacred us,” said Andrian Pauline

The CEO, who is familiarly called Pak AP, later confirmed that what Z4pnu said was just a hoax.

“I want to confirm that it is a lie, so if I release the results of RRQ’s scrim against OMEGA, I will be ashamed of myself,” he added.

Not only that, Andrian Pauline also expressed his gratitude because this statement for him will strengthen the Mobile Legends community in the country.

“I actually said thank you, I am very grateful to the Filipino casters and OMEGA players because they are our MLBB community so we are solid, our MLBB community prays a lot,” said Andrian.

“Steps like that will actually make our national team (Indonesia) even more enthusiastic, so we want us to answer, we want us to make silence with the final result (at MSC or the SEA Games and others).”

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